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    I love video games and I love PvP and PKing! I love guilds and I love being lazy! My name is Reno from the U.S. and my other half is Clise which is also my IGN.

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  1. I think those monsters are made that way so new players don't get overwhelmed by a bunch of them. Especially if its there first time.
  2. When people you don't even know want to be disrespectful. Even if all you did was be friendly. -..-
  3. I put to much soap in the washer recently, opened the washer and bubbles came pouring out in droves all over the place. Good fun. I tip-toed away though. Let the other guys deal with it I did help though I'm not that bad xD When your mobile hotspots data is almost at its limit despite having 20G's. q.q
  4. No not babe it's just bae . It's modern street slang used right now in the US. :p
  5. Use it as motivation to get stronger or get into a stronger guild.
  6. It's not the game masters job to get involved with player fueds and personal issues. Guilds fight, to prove who is best. That's the way it's supposed to be. If someone reports another player then the game masters will get involved and if necessary punish someone. Drama is one of the worlds most watched genre in movies and Tv series. Of course people like it :p
  7. Lol that's a really outdated definition you got. Hotspot box being slow -strangles wireless- I hate you Verizon.
  8. Waiting for laundry to finish drying so I can put my uniform on and sprint to formation which I will be late for! It's thrilling really! Lol fashionably late huh .
  9. About to try that assassins life

  10. About to try that assassins life

  11. Playing under a new name with a new character and a new class. It's good to put a spin on things. Not that I have done it yet, I still need to find a computer and decide on a new IGN for my new character. Picking an IGN is actually pretty annoying lol.
  12. Not having a computer and not being able to update your profile picture from mobile lol.
  13. They could have done something called boosting, which makes your character normally have low monster counts.
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