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  1. healing daddy so he can kills more people ^_^
  2. sitting with daddy in harbor ^_^
  3. yush sexy daddy ^_^ not needs costume to be sexy >w<
  4. ima be offline until tomorrow night, lee taking me and my mommy to hotel ^_^

  5. "dont let the little things get to you"... they always get to you, and they becomes big things down the line and ruin everything.

  6. instead of just buying something cheap, like a puke look-a-like thats only 500m, read it am not trying to be rude but i sees a lot of this happening recently
  7. oh my god! <333 :41: I LOVE THESE! :shy_con:
  8. am sowwie for double post but im gonna use different payment method, thanks for help :p can close now or put to answered or something >o< for those using the credit card option and cant get to work, just use "clickandbuy" is pretty much same thing ^_^
  9. yeah they practically building the game up from scratch, so be patient please
  10. if i remembers is back in april 2011 at some point
  11. well it just says; in the rest of my payments its shown a green tick, but not in these the one worrying thing is that it shows as done 5 times im hoping it wont charge 5 times because i dont have that much haha, anyway ima wait until tomorrow night
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