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    Anime, manga, sexy beasts, Thor, video games(generally ps2, ps1, gamecube, and anything zelda related), dogs, cooking, drawing (but lazy), rock music and of course your undergarments.
  1. trying to figure out if the one I love really does love me...I guess not

    1. -Winter-


      what do you mean? o-o

  2. Cl Weddings!

    Whut!? Winter got married and I wasn't told about it, congrats but T^T(I thought I was a close friend, you could have made me into the best "man")
  3. Yay^^ you are all better now<3

  4. I'm worried about my love, he hasn't updated me on his health condition. I hope he's alright and doesn't get too sick.

  5. trying to loose weight to put myself in a sexy santa suit

  6. Welcome^^ um I guess my tip would be search before you post anything, from starting up the game issues to reporting.
  7. What is your favorite anime??

    Well anime is awesome and I share animes with my love <3 babymonster. He's my otaku hero. You should make a manga version of this but mangas that haven't been released to anime. I want to see our lists^^, that and I want to see all sort of manga.
  8. What is your favorite anime??

    Inuyasha Rurounin Kenshin Tenchi Muyo Cowboy Bebop Trigun Wolf Rain Rosario + Vampire SAO Gin No Saji Kill La Kill Yami Shibai Big O Sailor Moon Black Blood Brothers Vampire Hunter D Fruits Basket Blood Lad Death Note Bleach Naruto Full Metal Alchemist Fary Tale M.A.R.S. Rave Master Bobobobobobo(this one is a love/hate situation) Princess Tutu Romeo x Juliet xxxHolic Kuroshitsuji Pokemon Digimon Monster Rancher Skip Beat Ouran High School Host Club Samurai Champloo Kamisama Hajimemashita La Corda D'Oro Fully Cooly Card Captor Sakura Code Geass D.N.Angel DearS Spice and Wolf Pandora Hearts Fushigi Yuugi Tactics K-ON Lucky Star Loveless Kimi Ni Tode Kamichama Karin Gakuen Alice Full Moon Wo Sagashite Lovely Complex Pretear Ranma 1/2 Tsubasa and many more but I think I over did it with this list.
  9. my abs are twitching from the feels weird xD

  10. HELLO

    Um hello?; nice to meet you ^^;
  11. Hello World

    Welcome to Cl~^^
  12. Nyello!~

    Now come on, don't tell me her sent has attracted you Envy, you're such a hound lol. Welcome to CL Blondelce^^