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  1. lol i can't believe i opened this again

  2. it's been so long since I opened this page ;-;) //nostalgia//

  3. At my hometown now '-'

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    2. One Of A Kind 종류의 하나 ☆
    3. Raioh


      eh for real?? pm me then xDD

      ive already made a fren with kelly and seraphyre yay !!

    4. One Of A Kind 종류의 하나 ☆

      One Of A Kind 종류의 하나 ☆

      Sorry for really late reply ;-;

      Woahh that's nice to hear XD >_<)9

  4. Today is my mom birthday XD. I should give her a gift~

  5. Hi guys, anyone has Roleplayer? '-' I make it from yesterday, being Sulli from f(x) Think it was fun, so, maybe there is also someone who has it too here(?)
  6. Welcome & have fun~ :D Join 'Melancholy' guild if you want, it's fun here :D
  7. Hello! Welcome to CL! I'm also in the 'Melancholy' Guild :D
  8. The Math exam is so....making me dizzy =_=

  9. This days I often stay up to draw something :\

    1. Raioh


      and completely forgot studying for the exams xDDD

    2. One Of A Kind 종류의 하나 ☆

      One Of A Kind 종류의 하나 ☆

      Hahah, I already studied on the evening XD

  10. Don't double post please XD- I ship HunHan,BaekYeol,& TaoRis from EXO :3
  11. Phalanx are usually elf, 'cause it's for tanking. Human phalanx is rare(?),'cause they have more damages and not suitable to be a phalanx :mellow:
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