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    FPS Games, Dota 2 and of course, our very own private server, Celestialuna.

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  1. IRC Name: tweeeenks Most used character name: snickers Spoken Languages: English / Filipino Age: 20-ish Time playing Luna Online: N/A Time playing Celestia Luna: Since 2008 (I think?) Have you been a beta tester before? (do not include server names) No Why do you want to join the Beta Testing Team? To help improve gaming experience not just for me, but also for everyone with the same interests.
  2. May I join? as in now? :3 I waaaant
  3. My kind of guild :"> what's the requirements?
  4. anong kasalanan mo at na-banned ka? Haha
  5. Wow. Somebody has a lot of free time. Haha. Anyways, Where's the Berserker and Guardian? I don't know if it should be included but the word "sets" caught my attention mehehe. anyways, nice info though! Nevermind. Didn't see it when I read it.
  6. Good day everyone. And so I found an awesome game while browsing as a pirate mehehe but you know, as one, I gotta try before I buy haha. Just being Honest. Anyways, Not promoting but if you do get to play this game, we can discuss ideas, strategies, lineups and items of the game. (there's no trading here since it's a offline, single player game) I'm currently having a hard time killing this one boss and it sucks big time! -_- I've spend more than 20 hrs of playing this game after downloading it and now I hit a huge boulder. If you already played this game, please tell me how'd you defeated the Lineage type boss, named Golden Magic Knight. Here are some provided screenshots to make you see a sneak preview of the game. And this is the boss I can't freaking kill haha (it's just an information since it appeared in the Wanted Lineage. Or maybe because I already have encountered it. IDK but anyways, see for yourself in game. ... (to be continued)
  7. Hi. Try mine lol haha http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/2940-human-archranger-guide-original/
  8. okiii ty hahaha PRESENT! LOL
  9. eows pows jejeje (pota di bagay hahaha sorry)
  10. Duel 110 below mehehehe
  11. Duuuuhnice po. You will see me often in Mont Blanc ch 2 hehe :D
  12. Finally may guild na ko ulit. Mehehehe
  13. Walang pinoy guild na recruiting dito? -_- kasawa nang mag farm ng mag farm hahahahaha
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