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  1. Thanks @SilverDeer owh... with right eq human entrapper better than elf entrapper because human have more phsycal demage.. I want to try it hehehe
  2. Pada hari sabtu malamnya sang penakluk untuk melakukan aksinya dengan berkelana ke nera harbor untuk sekedar refreshing karena dia merasakan kalau akan ada serangan monster skala besar di nera harbor jadi dia membentuk party dan member dari party tersebut :
  3. Lu ngapain cuy sampe di ban gitu
  4. Mas udah nemu guildnya belom ikutan dong~~~
  5. Thanks very much @SilverDeer Thanks very much @SilverDeer i want ask..., for human entrapper how to consider equipment for ballance stats... Because human not have much eva
  6. Excuseme Staff celestic luna, all player.. I want asking for How About Economy in celestia luna Because i not know the price some players have been deceived by other player, the price is too high. So, how are we going to fix this? . . Thank you so much.
  7. Excuseme i want to asking what the bonus and stats for human race and elf race.. I want to make chara with entrapper job and i hope do it with no mistake, if you know about it can you share with me? . . Thanks so much guys
  8. If you go to cardinal, you can have fast heal in job cardinal and holy barier, so in lv 20 better take wizard job than cleric
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