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  1. Hi GM. is this already final? I think some of pure path passive bonus need to be buffed. For example for DESTROYER path, the usual path is war>mercen>knight>destro we will get P.Attack 8% Crit Dmg 5% while the pure path(war>mercen>gladiator>destro) giving us P.Attack 11% Crit Dmg 9% by going pure path, we should give up so much skill in Knight such as lvl 15 Heavy Armor Expertise, Lvl 2 Solid Weapon, lvl 5 Blessed Guard, enhanced hp and others skill. but we only get an additional 3% PA and 4% Crit Dmg. Another example is MAGNUS path, lets say the usual path is war>infan>knight>magnus will give us 3% P.Def and 5% PA if we go pure (war>infan>rk>magnus) we will get 7% P.Def 6% PA. We just get 4% more p.def yet we lose more p.def from not getting high lvl Heavy Armor Expertise and Blessed Guard buff. I think it need to be buffed so there is Pros and Cons whether we should going PURE path or not.
  2. Necromancer Skills is Corpse Take and Corpse Explosion cant be used together? I try to use corpse take > corpse explosion to a monster and I didnt get the heal effect. is it bug or that 2 skill wasnt supposed to be used together
  3. yup there is bug on crusader prayer and orange already stated it. Don't know when they will fix it client side
  4. wondering if Antares Power Staff doesnt exist? cause I never seen one, or it is so rare that no one have it. How much its price range? thank you
  5. jokerjoker

    Solo DD?

    dating dungeon need 2 character, u should create another char with dfferent ID if you want DD with your own char. Hide one character to safe place and the other one do the job. or you can let one of your char die so your main char will get more exp
  6. yea, it will be better if they swap intelligence and dexterity craft bonus rate, I dont think people looking for dex craft bonus when they are crafting mace.
  7. jokerjoker

    Dual Wield

    if I use same weapon ex: Advanced Knife, does the effect of AK's crit damage doubled? or it just counted as one
  8. i think we need new weapon for crusader, as for now crusader only have 3 choice of weapon the first is Athena(mace) lvl 80++ weapon, the level just too low the other is Medusa(staff) lvl 100++ weapon, the problem is crusader skill require mace and if we use staff we wont get def from mace protection (if you suggest using mace for buff then change it again to staff, it was not good idea since aura buff just last 2min and we still didnt get mace protection) the last is crafting your own weapon, but if im not mistaken the chance getting int craft is pretty low(don't know if this rate in crafting was same with this server) MaceStrength = 30%Intelligence = 5%Dexterity = 25%Wisdom = 5%Vitality = 35% if possible make new rare weapon especially mace level 100++ with MA as high as medusa with/without its ma% bonus or change int bonus rate in mace crafting and add more MA for normal mace(?)
  9. Just created crusader and trying his skill. Power Prayer: Power didnt work for me. It doesn't add my magical attack. Could you check it?
  10. thanks dude, I try boosting my low lvl char in nera and its pretty fast. Anyway which is faster leveling in nera or maggot? how many eva/def I need if I want to hunt in maggot cause I just need 2k def and rogue class(without luxury item) for easy leveling in nera
  11. its good guide, but since creating paladin means tank I think its better elf paladin for pure tank
  12. nice one dude, though its a bit complicated for me lol
  13. max lvl gap for party so the lower level char can get exp, anyone please?
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