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  1. WTB Light Armors and weapons for mages.
  2. Songs from the anime - Show by Rock They have a bunch lots more of them and majority of the songs does not appear in the anime itself but the songs are nice...well for me it's nice and their art is cute too
  3. hmmm...I got a few (or maybe more lol) 1) Any songs from FripSide (especially Sister's noise, Only My Railgun, Black Bullet's Op 2 [forgot the name of the song] and Eternal Reality) 2) Naked Dive from Screen Mode 3) Yumemiro Shoujo Ja Irarenai from Aikawa Nanase 4) Re-Call from I-ris (sousei no onmyouji 3rd op theme) 5) Northern Light, Oversoul and Braveheart from Shaman King (my childhood fav and yes, I'm still listening to it) 6)All digimon season 1 to 3 OST (another childho od favourite of mine lol) 7) Catch you, catch me by Koumi Hirose 8) Bravely you (charlotte op) by Lia 9) Trust in you and Day to story from Date-A-live 10) Every Heart by Boa 11) Holy Night by Aisaka Taiga and Kawashima Ami (Kuigmiya Rie and Eri Kitamura) 12) inside identity by black raison d'être ...and I think I better stop if not there won't be any ending to this
  4. hmm...HOPE...this guild sounds so familiar...so does your name anw welcome back... I also just came back few weeks ago hehe
  5. Love Hina Mahou Sensei Negima Sousei no onmyouji Acchi Kocchi (this one gives you diabetes) Seikai Seifuku hmm...I guess that's all I can think of...
  6. Sure! of course! add me in game - llVllayumi
  7. glad to be back! well...sort of glad tho hahaha
  8. I guess you left around the same time as me too hahaha I also forgotten 70% of how to play the game already
  9. I had left CL for nearly 4 years now, I still remember the time I joined one of the GM of CL was Mint and the other guy was...uh...damn I can't remember! Anyway, I am Yuki or you guys can call me Suuki, I'm former Guild Master for Aegis which I took over from a friend also from CL... hmm...I guess there's nothing else more to say, I'm coming back and I will be playing from scratch since I have lost 70% on how to play the game so....Yoroshiku~!
  10. well...well...well....look at who's back in the game
  11. eventho im not from NoMercy but I missed kak Aina T_T
  12. ah~ i see...just hope i dun messed up this one like i did on my previous other chars xD thx =D
  13. 2 question; is kynee really necessary if I'm using full tarintus set? And Since I'm using Tarintus set is it better to up robe expertise rather than Light Armor expertise? *too long never play CL so I've totally lost knowledge of how to play CL =P*
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