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  1. +1. it is taking too long for me to write down and sometimes it is hard to understand what people are selling specially when you are not yet familiar with in game acronyms.
  2. DD for me is just a passage through quick leveling. it made me think that you are somehow lonely. lol
  3. Kruxi ツ

    DD.. bug?

    Yeah, on other maps it works perfectly fine, but when your in ruins of graveyard that's where it occurs. It happens that i made it through inside and then it says that i'm on a war map.
  4. this might be off the topic but it still needs to be correct. Thief Job change. It says "Chief"
  5. The Guy who pretends to be a chick in the first episode. epic.
  6. Kruxi ツ


    Pallet town
  7. Kruxi ツ

    Gold beggars!

    They are doing it for a living.
  8. LOL! it seems he is interested on dating ashketchum from pallet town.
  9. Kruxi ツ

    Gold beggars!

    The thing is, It doesn't matter if you gave them a little something for starters, and another thing is other people uses it as an abuse which makes them so pathetic. And yeah, i maybe soft hearted, i just doing the same thing i also beg for gold when i was starting. lol
  10. This is the most awesome anime this season besides Hataraku Maou Sama. So awesome, I already read the manga. lol
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