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  1. Gonna Miss you All i have to go now somewhere beyond the borders of my life for now i have nothing to achieve and continue here in CL for all my Characters have been banned... Nonetheless thank you for everything CL Thank you to all those people who became my friends, enemies, and even other people out there. I would also like to thank the GMs, Admins, and each and everyone of u here. Well I'm off Never Will I see Celestia again Thank you all! <3 i'm gonna miss you!. ShoutOut : to Mr Rainbow Dash and fellow GM Thank You for Banning my char please continue the good work and stay Strong... GoodDay Minasan!
  2. And oh yeah About Magnus Can it Solo NH @ 105 even though only set is berserk set?
  3. Magnus 2h pure Str or SwordMaster 2h Type Pure STR ( not Dual) in high Level/
  4. What is the best Path for Paladin? (i need super power Paladin path for tanking, blocking magic and p.a attacks , large damge and can solo NH at 105 but doesn't take time to farm) hihi and I'm very curious about the path of Sir. Clise can i know his path? if its okay thanks
  5. Who Dominates in Everything PVP GVG and Even Playing It Cool :))
  6. Correct me If im wrong So BIo's Path Can NEVER defeat NEcro like that? even though SA has good equips?
  7. my Top 5 Make it 6 haha 1. Death Note (Onepiece) 2. Clannad After Story 3. Gintama 4. Full Metal Alchemist BrotherHood. 5. SAO \m/ Yeah! <3
  8. Nope I decided to try this path Ms. Seraphyre thanks for ur help :)))) oh can i ask something is Clise a Paladin?
  9. Hi everyone can someone tell me what is the BEST path to take for Paladin and what type human or elf i'm searching for a paladin that has freakin HIGH pdeff and HP and at the same time deals large damage. Any ideas? Based on ur experiences will do too. thanks a lot :"))))
  10. Uhmm Sir Cordelia what do you mean by Yes They Will? You really mean that it can dominate them?
  11. Sir Why do I have -2 Reputation points? I know the -1 i know where i got it but the other -1? -__-
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