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  1. a person name NANI = you know who you are T
  2. BAE BAE BAE BAE BAE BAE BAE BAE BAE BAE BAE BAE. Obnoxious spam complete carry on.

  3. Forgetting i have homework until 2 hours before its due. College student problems
  4. im glad you know your little :X
  5. JakeYudi

    Special Day

    Today is a special day. GM Seraphyre birthday. She is happy 20 year old lady. So happy birthday to her
  6. Being told its hard to say no, but still say no anyway ! rude. You know who you are.
  7. my noob leveling partner adding a weirdo to the party :c
  8. And you make me wear a rabbit head. I hate you sooooo much.
  9. Guess what. guess what . guess what . guess what. guess what. Im AWESOME

  10. Rude double rude. Reporting gm for being rude ! Im by far the biggest noob please respect that fact and i was trying to bug you. I just got the weirdest urge to stir up some fun :D
  11. Gm please un ban me. Jake its me Yudi. Please.

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