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  1. i think this is impossible ... :wacko: aaaaand imo , if it's like that , we can't set the price for each item, like when someone shouts "S> panda boots" we'll be like "what panda boots? what effects? how much?".. . that's .. complicated af and it makes us difficult to sell and buy ... when usually we r like "oh p.boot has the ms effect and the price is around 1b (now)" aaaand this increases the chance of someone getting scammed, like he told u he gonna sell p.boot p.a 10% when what he has is p.boot mp recov+3 haha aaaaaand if it's like that then what Orange has been doing r all useless, it's like ... why doesn't Orange just sell the effect itself and not the items, like , what is the purpose of Orange making all those items with all those effects when u r just gonna change them all? just my opinion ^_^ ^_^ (excuse my english ... rip :( )
  2. MuuMeisye

    Now Playing???

    'cause Mom said i'd be crossing borders never be afraid even when u're cornered stand up straight fight ur way~
  3. im sorry im so busy lately guys .. :( :(
  4. MuuMeisye

    Now Playing???

    so make the best of this test and dont ask why its not a question but a leasson learned in time~ ;)
  5. MuuMeisye

    Nera Castle 3

    nothing is wrong .... things r changing .. life happened ahahaha :lol: there r new items on itemmall and some of the old items changed prices (gp/pp) .. like puke .. u need pp to buy it now, not like the old days
  6. menurut aku worth .. soalnya mancing itu sama aja kamu ga ngapa"in tinggal afk aja, cmn buka char, lewat situ kamu bisa ngumpulin poin ikan, yg bisa kamu jual fresh atau kamu jual vip eye (biasanya), atau malah vip eye nya kamu pake sendiri jd ga perlu ngeluarin duit buat beli (kalo aku ini) .. terus lewat mancing bisa dapet gc/terapin/sg , bisa dijual fresh jg, atau mau buka sendiri ntar bsa dpt macem", kadang emg zonk (seriiiiing) tapi kadang hoki , bisa dpt vip glove, vip boots, vip hat, poseidon set, dll .... dari mancing jg kamu bisa dpt exp 10% sama nostrum case, lumayan ga usa beli" lg, atau mau dijual jg bisa inti nya mancing tu cara ngirit buat nak mager lah wkwkwk tinggal afk doang B) B) B) aku milih palad elf, karena ada ss lv 5 entrapper , karena ada extortion lv 4
  7. yes imo ... (s)he even told u to leave ... but u can't report him 'cause u didn't warn him , like "don't ks" or something
  8. asem la ... :53: :53: :53: hai mbeb :wub: :wub: lv 167 yak :' ampun deh
  9. yaayyyy, thank you Orange !!!! mwah mwah :41: really sorryyyy i didn't know that we can't speak in other languages beside English here ... :( i got shocked when the thread got locked :51:
  10. kok gitu kk .. kan minta toloonggg .. :51: ku culik mau? ehehehe :wink_con: kalo uda minta recov ke Orange, tunggu aja ya .. yg minta bukan cmn kamu ko, banyak yg pm dia jg, antriaan panjaaaaaang~ jd emang harus sabar .. kalo kamu pm Orange terus, malah kamu dijadiin antrian terakhir ntar karena kesel juga dianya kena spam mele belajar antri ya om :P n00b fans spawn :o :o u + him = ? :huh:
  11. go here http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/29346-account-recovery/#entry293854 also, if u want to ask about something, do it on "Questions" (Assistance > Questions) goodluck !
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