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  1. Hi There ^^ .. Pheew .. I just logged in after a year is not online I miss my friends. I just saw their forum account. Miss them so much! I'm really really really busy, I've no time to play. Uncle mapps, uncle dudi, Mike, mbah, vania, yudi, hode lucknut, putra, novi, rausyan, bang ucup, tante girang, upil kuda, and also my philippines friend Jayson and the others, I can't mention all of u guys :'3 .. miss u guys so much!
  2. @Mapple U know what??! My phone has been stolen mybe about 1 month ago ... that's why I'm disappearing :v I miss u guys bahaha :v my laptop's still broken, can't play @ home and can't play luna @ my office coz u know lahhh (jadi pake hp jadul dulu ya skrg :''v )
  3. Well. I've tried it too. Harvest Moon GBA, Back to Nature, Save The Homeland, and Wonderful Life. But I can't play it anymore cz very busy right now But currently playing "Harvest Moon - Seed of Memories" on my phone. Not worth for about $15 (Poor of graphic, small map, easy to earn money. etc) but lot of Nostalgia I wonder sometime HM - A Wonderful Life will come to Mobile Device (love it so much)
  4. Umi

    Hello, ive actually just rejoined the game after a fairly long break. Im still trying to get back into the swing of things. Due to some complications, I couldnt retrieve my old account, so im starting fresh. I plan on being very active and what better way to better the celestia experience than to have friends to talk to while you grind up in levels. So, I would like to possibly apply for a position in your guild^~^ as long as you have room of course

  5. @Galang Agung You're already joined noob :v
  6. Hi there Rose We're always fine as usual. and thank you for visiting our thread @Mapple as u said before, maybe u're right i'm not fine and little bit busy atm. But I'll try to keep watching this drama til the end :'' ~ om telolet om ~
  7. @Mapple Hmm it's a good idea WakingKnights huh ... where's the Leader @Dudi
  8. @Mapple jajaja u know right I'm poor atm
  9. Its time to wake up "sleeping" knights !
  10. @Mapple Hey u noob please stop the drama
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