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Found 10 results

  1. why every i farm in NH always crash ( celestia luna stopped working) ? please help me becuase i can't farm easy :( , i try in other map is fine just in Nera harbour
  2. Hello everyone I want to ask here... Today i open my CL Launcher and there's textbox said "Error D3DEER_NOTAVAILABLE. Requested audio Format not supported" Are anyone can give me solution? Thankyou
  3. Hi Admin,GM and Mod, I just want to report error when I choose the channel the game client crashed. I already tried to teleport my character in your webpage but still nothing happens. Appreciate if you can help me. IGN: MrSilence Username: nako019 If you need other details please let me know. Thank you. Cheer!
  4. Windows 10 Antivirus off Full Client Instalation Run Luna Select Server Login page - Click Connect - Client Crash Client Stopped Working
  5. To players experiencing crashes when entering a map and self-buffing: In case you haven't noticed, sometimes when you enter a map and use a buff, it will crash your client. However this only works with self-buffs. To avoid this, I would advise you to use your class' targeted buff. For fighters this can be Fighter's Heart, Solid Weapon, etc. For mages, most buffs that aren't self-buffs, rogues, use Zephyr first. All of the targeted buffs have a much lower chance of crashing your client on the first try, however self-buffs have a very high chance of doing so. Tl;dr: If you just entered a map and want to self-buff. Don't. Use a targeted buff first, then self-buff. Thanks, just wanted to make sure people are aware that this is a thing. You're lucky if it doesn't happen to you, but it happens to me.
  6. first, hello there and here's my (short) story i've just downloaded and installed celestia luna last nite, like about 13 hours ago.. then i played it (of course), excited, but then... when i clicked 'trading' option on merchant(?) npc, this thing (crash) happened ALMOST ALL the time, not only with tasartia npc, but also the armor, weapon, bla bla npc even on the merchant npc in gate of alker map. are these bugs? or...? i dont know, that's why i'm humbly asking you guys here.. second, i'd like to inform you few things: my pc's spec: intel g620 2.6ghz dual core ram 4GB ati radeon hd 3650 display mode set to 1366x768 with 60hz fresh rate directX version: 11 all my drivers are updated i have no anti virus installed, but no i have neither virus nor malware in my computer, i can guarantee you that. i've disabled my uac from the moment i bought my pc my os: win 7 enterprise sp 1 32bit things i've tried: i've re-installed the client (once) with no other application/software running at all. played it in fullscreen, windowed mode, all resolution except the 1280x1024 (its heigth exceed my display's height so no). no sound, minimize/disable all things in video option. turning on DEP just like GM seraphyre told someone in here http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/21809-crashed-in-game-and-cl-stopped-working/#entry239635 but WHY is this still happen? it stressed me out.. please.. help me out.. and thank you so much for your attention and i'm really sorry if there has been a thread with same topic and it's been solved, but i did my research in the forum but i can find no thread on this topic.. here's the screenshots window mode: fullscreen mode
  7. I have a problem with the game. When I open it and select the server and try to connect, it does nothing at all. It just displays the background. It doesn't freeze, though. After a while, it just closes down.
  8. okey, this one is super annoying crash.. this often happened, and especially when i farming.. the error message is like this, 'Celestia Luna Online has Stopped Working' blablablabla... not just in my computer, i try to some more comps and notebooks..this crash keep following me -_-! my av is off, my vga card is up to date.. i play in windowed 800x600, anyone know how to overcome this problems,? thanks for the help :)
  9. My roommates and I have not been able to create characters or log in to Luna if the character is in gate of alker. The game either crashes or the screen just stays black. We can log into other characters that are on other maps just fine. Please help. Thanks.
  10. My character was in Alker Harbor and he got d/ced and when I tried to log in it says the server is down? My other characters still work though. Please help!
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