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Some questions about my build



Hello everyone, first of all id like to say that this was my first Luna charackter so dont get on my nerves cuz u think something wrong with my build D:.

Currently im lvl 94 and i went the path mage,cleric,sorcerer,bishop.and for the last id like to pick gm. I went fully support so i dont have any awsome lvling skills ,just my buffs and heals.

My questions about that build are ,if there are items which i should aim for ,for example is there a weapon recommended for that path which i should definetly use?or what awakenings i should aim for, so over all what gear should i wear later on.

At the moment im wearing mostly int and vit awakened/strengthend stuff, and a wizzardly wand +12.

So if someone could give me some tipps on what items i should use id appreciate it.

Also i would like to ask something about an item that i got in my inventory (i left luna for a while so i dont know what the economy is at the moment) its a Take That Dude +12 heres a screenshot of it 1zol2di.jpg.

does it worth something?

And id like to apologize for my english and also if i posted this in the wrong section

Greetings Toradora

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