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Hi all,

Just a friendly hi from a new player, any advice is very welcome, I've played a few mmo's in my time, Rose Online, WoW, Fiesta, and a host of many other P servers, just transferred from Luna Online Reborn, the server was empty and what put me off the most was the client looked dated and looked as if it was still being heavily worked on, I've worked on P servers before inc. hosting my own so I know a bit about C++, PhP, HTML, SQL, but all I want to do now is find a game to play and chill between looking after the kids :)

Hope to see you ingame


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  • Administrator

Welcome! Here are some tips about what is different from other servers here:

  • All shops are in Nera Castle
  • Free* IM items and low level materials are sold by Alice next to Tasartia, general store, in Alker Harbor. Open your map with M to see stores and npcs on a map.
  • You can donate for GEMS to buy items from the item shop on our website.
  • You can DD with same gender, up to 10 times a day.
  • If you are stuck on a DD map simply wait 5 minutes (logged out) and your char will be automatically unstuck.
  • The current rates are 150x EXP, 50x DROP/GOLD, 200x Party EXP



Job change locations


Lucky boxes


General player's guides for beginners:





Have fun! ._<

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Hi There ^^ ..

Pheew .. I just logged in after a year is not online T_T I miss my friends. I just saw their forum account. Miss them so much!

I'm really really really busy, I've no time to play. Uncle mapps, uncle dudi, Mike, mbah, vania, yudi, hode lucknut, putra, novi, rausyan, bang ucup, tante girang, upil kuda, and also my philippines friend Jayson and the others, I can't mention all of u guys :'3 .. miss u guys so much!


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