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What the hell is happening with the game's RnG lol. 60% success rate and I even reconnected to try and "reset" the rolls, I don't even know if that works. I swear, whenever I make molds/patterns lately and count my success vs overall trials, it's always below the theoretical success rate. I don't usually complain about it because luck is always involved in these things but this just made me snap xD I'm starting to think that unless the success rate is 100%, it would be lower than actual like how crit rate works. The two images are before and after reconnecting+changing map:



I'm sorry for venting, just a bit frustrated, thanks!

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Every time you craft you roll the dice, theoretically yes, you should get 6 out of 10, but that's not how odds work.


For example if we use randomly generated numbers we can see it more clearly, a number must be under 60 to succeed craft:



So sometimes if you are really unlucky what happened to you can indeed happen.

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