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Medusa's Wand vs Hathor's Ring Drop Rate



Hi, this question is more for admins and Orange. I was going through old guides about rare item drop rate and noticed Hathor's and Medusa have the same drop rate of 0.01% from the boss Fighter in the Wind. Of course, Hathor's Ring can be dropped also from Tombstones and Mummies so one would have more opportunities to hunt it than Medusa but here's the thing. I've been hunting the boss many times now and I noticed that I'm dropping a lot more Hathor's Ring than Medusa, around 15:1 (maybe 20:1) in favor of Hathor. Is the Hathor's drop rate data from the guides unreliable which only apply to Tombstones and Mummies but is actually easier to drop from the boss? I have no problems with Medusa being more difficult to drop, it's a strong weapon so it should be. Just want to clarify this and manage my expectations with boss hunting. Thanks!

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