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[PvP Tournament] Split Class Tournament Lv145+ June 2024


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[Friday June 7 2024 12:00 PM Universal Time] 

Welcome to our first tournament of the year!

Check the rules, see if you're eligible and sign up here~




Each class tournament will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners.

  • 1st Place will receive Holo Wing (B/P/BB/BP) + Holo Headphones (B/P/BB/BP) + $60 in PD or 1400 Gems
  • 2nd Place will receive Holo Headphones (B/P/BB/BP) + $30 in PD or 800 Gems
  • 3rd Place will receive Holo Headphones (B/P/BB/BP) + 300 Gems
  • All participants will earn Blessed Pukerian's Scroll and Guild Wizard Scrolls based on total wins (you still get 1 scroll even if you lose first duel)




  • You must enter with a level 145+ character (delevel is acceptable in this case).
  • Participation is limited to one account per user, if you use multiple accounts you will be disqualified.
  • All items are allowed, this tournament is held in Celestial Battlegrounds (Day) where edits are automatically disabled.
  • You may not use HP potions or food during the duel.
  • You can only use your own buffs, buffs from pets or other players are forbidden.
  • You can only use basic +20% potions from Alice/Caroline/Summer and 7/15 day speed potion, if you have other item buffs when the tournament starts you will be disqualified.
  • The following skills are forbidden from use during duels:
    • Stealth
    • Nature Aid
    • Casting Foil
    • Spirit Aid
    • Spirit Sword
    • Protection Aura
    • Saint Heal
    • Invulnerable
    • Holy Touch
    • Divine Justice
    • Defense Prayer: Recovery
    • Heal
    • Fast Heal
    • Group Heal
    • Great Heal
    • Sacrifice
    • Holy Barrier
    • Sleeping Soul
    • Tranquility
    • Angelic Breath
    • Silence Rune
    • Blizzard
    • Chill Breeze




  • All players who sign up and are accepted must be present at the time of the tournament on [Friday June 7 2024 12:00 Universal Time] If you are not present when the event starts you will be disqualified.
  • Players must walk up to the fighting area and leave party, they will be invited to a GM party.
  • Duel will only start after GM says "FIGHT".
  • Players disrupting the event may receive a suspension if they do not stop after warning.
  • The tournament will be randomized in a tournament generator, it is a single duel for each stage where you pass or you don't.
  • We will be accepting 8 players of each class unless there are enough to fill a 16 player tournament for that class.
  • All 3 class tournaments will be held on the same day, with each stage going one after the other (Stage 1 Rogue, Stage 1 Fighter, Stage 1 Mage, Stage 2 Rogue, Stage 2 Fighter, Stage 2 Mage, Finals Rogue, Finals Fighter, Finals Mage)


All accepted players will be announced on [Friday June 7 2024 00:00 Universal Time] 12 hours before the tournament itself. We will stop accepting players at that time.


Sign up by replying to this topic with the following:


Character name:




Time until this topic is closed and we prepare the event:

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Reply to this topic to participate with the following:


Character name:




Rogue: 8/8 (1 backup)

Fighter: 8/8

Mage:  8/8


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