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suggests/tips/hints for newbe



okay guys... first I wanna said this :

"Hay everyone I'm back"... LOL (who cares about it?)

I will give you some hints and tips how to play Luna more flexible... and yeah this is for newbe, who just start to play Luna...

first to start, after you registering, Login to Game, create characters, and choose that character and choose channel to start game... you need to do this :

go options by press "O" button,

click "chat" and checklist "close messages system"...

click video, click and hold the bar of video and switch into full "far"...

click BGM and switch them into Zero, LOL... click Apply and OK

(sorry guys if I can't explain it with good English, LOL)

go Tutorial by pressing "T" Button, checklist "Hide Tutorial" and then close...

for what those hints? uhm it will make your chat box clean from spam messages like "using skill, need cooldown, select target, etc"... you no need these spams on your chatbox... and hide tutorial is for erase the Lamp Symbols on the left side of Item Mall Box... (sometime it will interrupt you if you click it without you realize it... LOL)... and BGM its Zero, why? this is for decrease a probability of Error of your Celestia game which can make you Disconnected from game...

if you on Dating Dungeon (DD), press ESC once (just once) to erase the time limit also useless Record...

shortcut buttons, what its that?

shortcut buttons its main action button on this game... they're button "1,2,3,...0"

there is two shortcut buttons... main and alternative... both main and alternative have 4 Shortcut Buttons which each of them have 10 buttons... so there is 4x2x10=80 shortcut button on this game...

how to use them?

place skills or items which they can used as usually to shortcut button by drags them... and yeah you only need to press button 1,2,3,4,...0 depends on your skill/items you placed it... easy, right? hehehehe

to change shortcut buttons into another shortcut buttons, you only need press "~/`" (what is that? oh, this button its the left side of button 1 of your keyboard... LOL), nah with that button you can easily change shortcut buttons into another shortcut buttons...

another way to change shortcut buttons into another shortcut buttons, it's use button "alt"... press and hold "alt" and then press 1/2/3/4 depends on what the number of shortcut buttons you wanna use...

example : press and hold alt and then press 2... your shortcut buttons will change into another shortcut buttons with no.2 at left corner of that shortcut buttons... simple, right?

to use alternative shortcut buttons, eh... wait? what is alternative shortcut buttons?

Alternative shortcut buttons it's shortcut buttons which usually appear after you click (+) on the left side of your main shortcut buttons... this shortcut buttons will appear on the upper side of your main shortcut buttons... placed Buff skills to alternative shortcut buttons so your main shortcut buttons will enough for your main skills...

how to use alternative shortcut button?

to use it... usually (even) masters on this game, they're still click twice the skills/items which they're already placed on that alternative shortcut button...

but you can use it by press and hold "ctrl" and then press 1,2,3,4,...0, depends you placed skills/items... as long as you hold "ctrl", the functions of shortcut buttons will switch into alternative shortcut buttons...

alternative shortcut button usually is for Buff skills...

targeting your own char? just press "F1" and the target will switch to your own char... press "F12" for take picture of your game, and usually its called SS (Screen Shoot)

another functions of the buttons on your keyboard it's on button "H"...

you can always check the buttons functions by pressing button "H"...

use button "page up" to zoom in your camera views, and "page down" to zoom out... (you no need use roller on your mouse again, right?) to rotate camera views use arrow buttons (up,left,down,right)... and you can also use right click on your mouse to rotate camera views...

well just that... good luck guys... sorry if I use simple English on this tips and hints... XD

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u sound like a wacko with that many LOL and hehehehe and wakkakakakwkwk.. :P

nice guide btw.. Good help to newbies. You could put some pictures to make it neat.. :)

And check my guide (yes, that cookies) in my signature to know how to put spoiler.. :D

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don't so seriously while you write the new topic... give some enjoy words like "LOL, wakwakwakwak, etc"

because this tips and hints it's really-really too simple, without spoiler, without colors, etc... so to make you enjoy guys, I also write too much funny words... bruakakakakakak

Warkop DKI said to me : "Tertawalah sebelum tertawa itu dilarang"... Laughs, before Laugh it's become Forbidden

so... let's Laugh~~~~~~ wakwakwakwakwakwak LOL

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