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  1. Error

    "Incompatible Client version bla bla bla" 1. saya sudah coba install ulang game nya 2. saya sudah coba ganti jaringan nya apakah ada solusi ? terima kasih
  2. The Basic Fighter

    thanks for information :) and where i can get best guide for sword master human ? because i think SM Human guide in this forum is missing
  3. About Job and skill Mage

    kalau menurut aku ambil Soul Arbiter gan, soalnya di job 3 dah ambil priest jadi ada buff di job 4 dah ambil warlock jadi ada skill area tinggal di job 5 ambil SA supaya bisa punya deff sama skill solo
  4. The Basic Fighter

    i want to ask, Destroyer or Human Sword Master that has more p.a, critical, and critical damage if both of them use STR set equip ? now, i search for job that can make me can do single hit for every enemy thanks
  5. Ask About Tank Job Type

    i finish my elf paladin, i want start with this char but i dont have enough gold now to buy new equip set vit str :( i use my str dex equip with stat full of vit, i get 6k p.a, 7k deff, and 800 crit
  6. [Fighter] Paladin Guide

    because in guide write that blunt shield lvl 16+ still bug :(
  7. how much p.a i need and dex?

    i think you need 30k p.a and more than 2k crit to get nice damage :)
  8. [Fighter] Paladin Guide

    is blunt shield lvl 16+ still bug ?
  9. Ask About Tank Job Type

    I have set equip STR mix DEX (HB Set and Chival with p.a philo) from my Destroyer, and now i want to make a Tank. i have prepare my Aias and DM STR, so what job must i choose with my equip set ? 1. Paladin Human from Gladiator 2. Paladin Elf from Rune Knight 3. Magnus from Phalanx and why i must choose that (1/2/3) job ? thanks for ans my question :)
  10. Features that can be use to view player use edit item or not

    thanks GM @Orange, but i think when in war bellow 120, or 125, people usually have a rule like no edit items, no stealth, no sleep and etc. we can see if people use stealth or not, we can see if people use sleep or not but we don't know if player that join in that war use that edit item or not. and for that how about feature that can make 2 type guild war ? war bellow or war all v all ? but for war bellow make it cant enter by player who use edit item's sorry for my bad english :( thanks
  11. can feature like this applied ? thanks :)
  12. Stat & Class Balancing

    im using elf rogue and i cant reach more than 9k p.a (using RM buff), i use all my stat to str and my equip on str + dex. i dont have any p.deff and eva to avoid damage and now i only can make 6k damage at critical, (if its critical) just feel it by yourself
  13. Stat & Class Balancing

    yeeey, because i cant hit anyone now using my AR, not like before :( and how about this miss @Orange, just make dexterity can give critical damage like before, but just make critical damage only can reach up to any rate you set for this game. Even player has 1000 dexterity, the critical damage cant add more than rate that you set. i just want to save my rogue :( thanks :)
  14. Best Job for Foil and Stealth

    Thanks for answer :)
  15. Best Job for Foil and Stealth

    how about the stats between them ?