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  1. Don't mess with ruby, sorry for the floating gun XD


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    2. Rheed


      you saw the floating gun? ahaha thanks

    3. LittleTnCo65


      Lol; yeah, still way awesome. Totally luv the smack at the end. :40:

    4. rinchannau


      Ruby became invisible 

  2. Your "About Me" section certainly describes you perfectly. I couldn't have said it better myself. :heart: Though I think you may be cutting yourself short. You've been poked!! :52:

  3. I heard my name
  4. Since celestia released the Bopeep motion


    1. LittleTnCo65


      Awesome!! I love, love, love RWBY Ruby. She rox! Hope you are doing well my friend. Cya in-game. Huggles :shyheart:

  5. 1st mmd vid still need some fine tuning


  6. my reaction when hunting and the same thing happened
  7. wow an army vet, nice to meet you welcome to celestia luna, i would like to here your stories pm in game if you ever see me online IGN: QrowBranwen,
  8. Reunion in vol 5?


  9. KxF1tNY.jpg

    making ruby dance

  10. Someone sure is getting a head start ahaha. Still can't go online
  11. Oh so its a 1 hit monster, Dem people be like rabid animals searching for that thanks
  12. Is it a some type of boss monster like the previous ice Queen? And is it for all channels or just channel 1?
  13. It's mentioned 1hr cooldown, is it for every channel? And the hidden pirate treasure is from any lv monster? Since red beard is quoted 115