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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be away from CL, forums, and Discord for at least a week; maybe longer. Going in for a surgical procedure that could help me walk again! Thanks to all my "true" friends on here and acquaintances for your emotional support. I'll miss you guys! Well; maybe not all of you, but most of you. :40:

    1. rinchannau


      Please come back safely!

  2. Welcome to CL OtaKuGurL! I hope you enjoy your time here in the forums and in-game too. Please do listen to rinchannau; she knows a lot about CL and the forums.
  3. LittleTnCo65


    Hai hai. I'm not malaysia but wanted to say hi anyway and welcome you to the game and to the forums. That's a nice looking fish you got there!
  4. Here are three ideas that I have. Hopefully you like at least one of them. This is suppose to be a candy corn soda pop to hang down from mouth similar to the Popsicle. Xanniah is holding a candy corn shield. This of course is a candy corn eye patch. Yes; I loves candy corn!!
  5. No longer available!! :42:

    1. rinchannau


      Is the girl in your profile picture Froppy? :41: (sorry for oot! )

    2. LittleTnCo65


      Yes she is! I just love My Hero Academia. Not sure if I spelled it right. But frog girl is awesome! I'm glad that I'm no longer available. I'm happily engaged!! :love:

  6. What type of "net' do you have? Exactly how is it "acting up"?
  7. That makes perfect sense to me. Well done!
  8. Well; when are we going to see your handsome mug? That's what I want to know? Go, Go, Go, You can do it! Beat those baddies! Please mister, hurry up and get into CL. You don't wunna make me now do ya? Well; do ya?
  9. Level 82 Inquirer?! I bows to you my friend. Great job! Geez; I'mma lazy arse.
  10. Yes; welcome indeed. And always, always listen to the wise and powerful Juicy Orange! She know best!! Looking forward to reading some of your threads and hopefully will get to see you in-game. My IGNs are: LittleT, Mitzky, LilSpice, Xanniah and BlueGuardian (Only Male). Alter-egos are: TaccoGirl, TostadaChick, PretzelQueen, PopMyCorn, and DrummerGirl. Geez; now that I think about it....maybe I do have multiple personalities. Lil T
  11. I so wish I could help you out my friend. Unfortunately; I'm an old fuddy duddy and didn't understand how the DD rules go. So; lame me ended up putting my true age on my CL registration and now I can't do any DDs. However; not all hope is lost. I do have an alter-ego account where I have learned to hide my true age and can now do DDs. Only problems is, my highest level char is 26 at moment. So yea; there you have it! If you are still around when I'm higher level and way more experienced, I'll be happy to pair up with you. My alter-ego account is Tacco Girl you may check out her profile if you wish.
  12. Yes; what he said. Very very much active. I loves it here. I'll probably be signed in playing as I breathe my last breath.
  13. My goodness Tacco Girl. You sure do seem to enjoy food. The soldiers will be called, "Heroes of Blueland"! What say you?
  14. Hello to all my dear dear friends! I have missed you all so very much !:heart:

    I am doing better. Though I still need to rest and recover from ordeal. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please get in touch with either NoodleDoodle in-game, Dices in-game, or my son Aargus in-game. I just not ready to go into much detail at the moment. I hope you all can understand. I have some emotional healing as well as physical healing; so please be patient with me. Thank you all so so much. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life! :39:

  15. Since you like the jump part, i added some flutterbys :D 


    1. Tacco Girl

      Tacco Girl

      That is total kick ass! XD

    2. LittleTnCo65


      I totally loved the flutterbys. Thank you. That was so thoughtful of you. :heart:

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