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Celestia Luna update?


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Hey all, Can we update this build of the game to the one that currently on steam?
it's insane, more locations, more mobs, quests, items
in this build of the game we are very limited, some of my skills don't work properly (Rune Walker)
some places are unreachable because its not in the build yet

comment what you think

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There are multiple versions of the game. This is called Classic, the first and most stable and balanced version. All the other versions caused the servers to destabilize with bug abuse and hacking and ended up closed. Meanwhile we have been running for 10 years. That version you mentioned on Steam has been abandoned and dead for years now, that's why you came here isn't it? If you can't live without all those things you can play there instead, but I doubt you would find many other players playing there.


We are constantly working on adding content and fixing bugs, if you want to help with that you can participate in our discussions and bug reports. But we will never "update the version" of the server to plus or that botched plus2/reborn version.

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Well, most of the new maps added in Luna Plus were nothing more than an ornament because they never included anything, I mean new items or drops for those levels, repeatable quest, etc. Luna Plus was only limited to the new dungeon system which is very monotonous and boring, it loses all sense of adventure in the game. Also the class balance is awful making many jobs useless.

The classic version is not perfect either but mostly it needs some small gameplay details that were added in later versions. In the case of this server they have known how to take advantage of the new content (graphics) of the later versions and make more interesting content. Maybe the updates aren't frequent as we wish but at least they're worth 

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