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  1. Yo! lol. I know this is late but well, welcome to CL. Enjoy you're stay :))
  2. I stated in my guide to max out 1handed training for leveling purposes. I think this is enough to answer your question.
  3. Troy

    SM V.S Mag

    Magnus - Lower PA than swordmaster, but has higher def. Has faster Attack Speed. Swordmaster - Focuses more on damage, has lower def compared to magnus.
  4. Troy


    first of all, you have to be a magnus or an SM then learn the skill dual wield training :)
  5. Troy

    How to not get scammed

    Use your common sense if you don't wanna be scammed :D
  6. ayie lovers <3 :rolleyes:
  7. it adds crit rate and crit damage.
  8. why swordie instead of infantryman? :unsure: well, i agree with you that its boring to train inf because it has no AOE skills and you have to bear with uppercut and crash blow skill until you reach magnus. But did you ever consider the passives that you will get when you take inf instead of swordie? So basically when you take inf, you will get lvl 15 enhanced hp which adds 675 and 2% hit points. Another useful passive that you will get is blood leak which increases your HP recovery when your HP drops on a certain percentage(im not pretty sure but its maybe 30%). Now lets go to the skill/s and passive/s that you will get when you take swordie. Hmmm. The skills that you will get is a level 4 mana storm and a level 5 mana control. So to sum these things up, when you take infantryman you will get 675+ hp and an HP recovery passive as a bonus. When you take swordsman you will get a mana buff and an MP recovery passive. In my opinion MP was never more useful than HP. In PVPs and GWs, the one with higher HP has the higher chance of survival (though we all know that when you get stun locked first, you will surely be pawned). Well, by taking infantryman you will have a hard time leveling until you reach magnus. But you shouldn't worry because all your effort will be worth the result. :)
  9. im 137 now. hehe. :)

  10. me too xD

    still play CL ?

    whats lvl ? :D

  11. hey zup! im doin fine. hbu?

  12. kuyaaa..

    long time no see >.<

    how r you ?

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