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  1. Yang namanya g terimaan mah pasti selalu berfikir negatif atau bisa di sebut *BOCAH INSIDE

  2. welcome orange... and we need new power for update it :) plus 1 plis hiihi
  3. new staff?? O.o good luck :)

  4. up go up go up go... we are -rebirth- and we will play fair in here,,, and i will update rebel forum,,, :)
  5. here we go... Nice family sir... :) and nice your baby... cute then dad... :P kidiing :)
  6. mending war>Swordman>knight>destro punya SB... ql selae itu emg punya Sb ya?
  7. I agree with the statement T.S so why?? One because just only player who just around GM can private donation... Private donation not same with donation in web.. because Private donation need money very much better donation in web.. two... if private donation very hard for player not near in Gm may be people will be boring... and may be that people use cheat for be imba counterbalance from Private donation player cmiiw
  8. before it,,, i say sorry for this posting first... i hope Gm alwasy active in game,,, example make event or any thing about it,,,, second.... many people use skill hack and i confused for report,,, cz mix with IMBA item or Anythig else... third... i feel so bored,,, cz scarcely over for event.... and if ii wanna guild war,,, no body want,,,or infrequently people for guild war,,, i hope GM read It,, and give ur answer for my opinion,,, and when this game will be update?
  9. may be u get same IP with people break a rule,,, and GM baned that IP... and my friend get baned to with ID raka... so i hope GM read it cmiiw
  10. ShaDowOfRogue> .whyban shanenna <shoutbot> User shanenna is banned
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