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  1. ohh akun lama ku -_-:33:

  2. Last Year , Last Playing Celestia Luna

    1. oOUcuppOo


      Thanks for anything i hope we meet again on game or real life.

  3. try to add your celestialuna folder into exclusion list of your antivirus. it work for me, since many anvir will deleted some files in celestialuna folder.
  4. Daz

    New Update

    :D OMG new update.. now i can play my panzer easily.. :P then where i can find the haloowen dungeon ? is dungeon date? or something?
  5. Daz

    Top up pulsa

    gan ini yang salah masukin nomernya apa emang ga bisa top up pulsa ya? tanya ingame katanya ga bisa lewat pulsa. ini interfacenya beda dari yg dlu ? sory nanya lama vakum..
  6. server down? my patcher says "failed to communicate to server" right?
  7. Daz

    I Found This

    if im not wrong thats item adds additional random stats point when manufacturing weapon or armor. may u can post thats item pic.
  8. :D so simple guide broo , easiest to read ^_^ nice +1 wanna try ur guide to my future magnus.. :)
  9. aahh ok jonah thanks a lot :D
  10. if im deleveled and going to reskill do i get real SP ? Yes. But if after reskill do i can learn skill level into real level? ex : SOJ on real level is 5lvl at 118 lvl, then i deleveled into 105 lvl after that im reskilling, do i can increased thats skill into 5 lvl again after deleveled ?
  11. Soul arbiter is best choise if u want get high spell crit rate, magical damage and deff,, dont look at bishop skill thats just buff.. look at SA deff skill and light armor pasive skill.. at 106 its easy to get 6k pdef and high magical damage with standart equipment, cause SA have high crit buff so u can get high damage on critical.. Im SA player
  12. waduhh :waaat_con: , updatenya ituh yang lama :qq_con:
  13. Tanya donk, kalo bikin pure job passive efek nya dapet apa kga ya? ato bug?
  14. Daz

    Panzer Skill

    ahh... ok thanks for answer :33:
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