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  1. FROM THE DEEPEST SIDE OF MY HEART :* http://imgur.com/vCz33t9 http://i.imgur.com/vCz33t9.jpg
  2. how that works sir? guild who surrended first will be the loser one? and how about tie? which condition gives tie result?
  3. okie sir thanks. but how to settle the winner of a war nowadays? i saw an never ending war happened. the one who tired first is the winner? and also i didnt understand the "war record" info on guilds tab bar (G). Example : a guild has 12-26-10 (written on that tab). what it means? and how it works? and for number (3) how if we could report a player that possibly using "forbidden items in war rules we've chosen before. like edited items". so we could sent a report and video of that war as the proof. or maybe a "deathnote" feature like autonote feature on action tab. Sorry if im askint too much. Just my opinion to make the guild war more fair and fun ^_^
  4. HII ALL ^_^ Im here to give some advice like what written on the thread tittle, some suggestion on guild war feature. I think its gonna be more fun if we have some features on war, just like : 1. Guild's list of player that gonna participate on that war. 2. Feature for war rules like Forbidden Skill, Level to join, and others 3. Feature to registrate each participant items that will be used by its player on that war. can be up to 2-3sets ^^. cause on bellow war almost has "no edit" rule. so all the war participant items sure are all normal and not edited items. And there will be no "youre edit" drama like what happened now ^^ 4. War Score feature. this one can be used to choose the war winners. Like 500kills to win. ^^ 5. Other features that i cant figured now or maybe other player has any suggestion for this war features. Thankiu Sir. maybe other player can add his suggestion. it would be nice ^^
  5. MrhayleyJr-

    New Update

    About costumes. there are some new costumes? which costumes? GP or PD or anything?
  6. oh i see. yeah its blocked. :/
  7. it happened to all my browser. mozilla, g.chrome and even yandex Even when im using handphone and not logged in :( Like this :
  8. Why did my Browser cant load/see any images attached to any thread? Please Help :D
  9. MrhayleyJr-

    Comic Contest

    IGN : MrHayley >_< http://i611.photobucket.com/albums/tt198/Dzul_Firmansah/Chapter%201_zpsri72bxpc.png (Sorry i dont know which link should i paste here) hahaha Thanks
  10. Sir, whats the different of Warrior > Infant and Warrior > Swordsmen ? hehe
  11. woaahh that seems juicy orange :9 just cant wait \m/>_<\m/
  12. Saat aku bermain, ada orang gila yang sedang berlari sambil ngemil arang dan ingin melompat ke arahku. Aku keluarkan senjata sakti, tetapi dia hanya tenang dan mencoba mengambil upilku yang besar dan berlendir. Aku ingin mengambil kesucian orang gila yang ada di depanku. Namun nasib, malah dia yang di gigit oleh nyamuk unyu-unyu tembem yang berterbangan cepat kedalam hutan belantara Amazon penuh gadis-gadis liar yang suka boneka Panda gendut, bau, jelek dan suka mencari keindahan dunia. Hancurnya hatiku melihat wookies selingkuh dengan orang lain membuat jantungku menjadi hampir meledak dan ingin makan bakso panas sambil gotong royong. Aku bingung melihat baksoku berbentuk seperti muka wookies, yang sedang bercengkerama
  13. [Q] : does the pict must contained of this games name Sign? or just pure pict stuff? hehe :D
  14. im sure its graphic lag. well could you tell me how to check my drivers, please? someone said that its causes by the AV. well when i install the client, and patch it, my Esset Av detect the patch. then it becomes lag. but i've re download the client and patch it (after turn off my Av ofcourse). But its still lag. graphic lag. :(
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