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    Discrd Link

    Aahhh ok ok. Cant see it coz im visiting the forum on mobile. Thanks Orange
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    Discrd Link

    Can i ask for CL discord invite? Thank
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    Just Hi guuuyyysss
  5. Balik laro kahit walang laro HAHA
  6. Hi bago lang din po ako :ph34r: :ph34r: IGN: Sadlife-Cardinal
  7. 2-3 years pass since the gm said about the update i guess. And the last detail i seen about the update was 2013, 2 yrs ago . So whats new abt the update ? 2 yrs pass how much of the update is completed ? 70%? 85%?
  8. So what if players keep on asking about the update ? Maybe they are just curious about it. Besides i heard that some staffs said last time that an update will happen on the end of the year ? So what would u expect players to think? Ofcoure they will EXPECT that there will be an Update, but what happen? No update HAPPENED. Guess getting the EXPECTATION of player up isnt that good. Sorry for my bad enlish and grammar Players. :D "DONT EXPECT, IT HURTS"
  9. IGN and Lvl : Departure - 135 JOB : Cardinal Highest Strike : 575
  10. feeling of being forgotten. Just sad, so sad sadlife :/
  11. Feeling the summer heat.... So HOT !!
  12. itsmeJ

    Para Sa Pinoy

    Hello po newbie here paadopt po sa guilds ;)
  13. Ehh . Base from what i know its Legal
  14. Walang may Paki ! Josh
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