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  1. Is it still drop ? or only for limited time ? I killed lot of Cursed Golem, still not drop one. I know the drop only 1% chance. Btw, if it 1%, is it like 1:100 right ? kill 100 golem, at least get 1, or not ? Im wearing Bane of Desire (item gain rate +5%) + Draupnir (item gain rate +5%). EDIT : I got one, after 2 nights hunting that pet But im still a bit confused about the drop system.
  2. I love TM, Can you make a guide for TM Job Guide ? Well, i already have TM from long time, but after the big update,some skills back to normal like Shield Boomerang need to equip a shield to use the skills. Plus, i dont know yet what skill that good enough to replace Shield Boomerang, before i use Shield Boomerang and Illusions Attack for 1 single target. And i need to reset my skills, cause my TM is Dual type. Thx
  3. Well, i always want to suggest it. You know when you join/make guild or family you can set nick for it, like guild_nick family_nick charname Well, some players don't want to use nickname. But, sometimes some players in your guild/family members suddenly set your guild/family nickname, then you cant clear it off, "Aww, i don't want any nickname, why you did that? T.T". I suggest to able clear guild/family nickname, using : [For guild] : Press G > click your name in the guild > click Function > Click ID Bestowal > (Do not type anything or clear any word in that box) then click OK > Your guild nickname is cleared [For Family] : Press F > click your name in the family > click Nickname > (Do not type anything or clear any word in that box) then click OK > Your family nickname is cleared Well, it just a suggestion, i hope some people agree with me. Thank you..
  4. Owh i see now, i always wearing draupnir when fishing, for nothing. Thank you..
  5. kuroinokage

    Fish Drop

    Wearing Draupnir + Bane of Desire affecting on fish drop rate ?? like, get more fish, or more gold carp/terrapin/sg ?? And is it only Poseidon's Belt and Poseidon's Helmet that affecting gold carp/terrapin drop rates ? +1% when wearing a set
  6. Yes i have only one.. Lucky Hunter Potion.. - From PD i guess, i saw theres Lucky Hunter Potion in one of PD packages. But i bought from other player, for 1-2b i forgot.. Edit : Wait i forgot, i forgot mine is exp or drop rates, but last time i had 2, i used 1, and it said drop rates 20% i hope its the same. And i need to use it, to know which one is it, but i dont have any plan to use it these days.
  7. I have 2 x Draupnir [Item Gain Rate +5%] and Bane of Desire [Item Gain Rate +5%] Q1 > Wearing those 3 items, the effect only applied 1 (Item Gain Rate +5%) ? not (Item Gain Rate +15%) ? Q2 > Is it really possible to increase Item Gain Rate by wearing 1 of those Draupnir/Bane of Desire(If it only applied 1 effect) + Using Lucky Hunter Potion + Entrapper/TH Skills ? Q3 > Is it only Draupnir, Bane of Desire, Lucky Hunter Potion, Entrapper/TH Skill that increase Item Gain Rate ? maybe theres another items, or skills.
  8. I have several character on my account, but most of them, i forgot the job path Is it possible to see the full job path, that i took ?
  9. Thank you very much.. Yes only the luna launcher that showed in the steam, when i clicked start its gone
  10. kuroinokage

    About Steam

    I want to ask, i have Steam, and in Steam we can put non-steam-games to the Steam(launcher/library), I want to put Celestia Luna Launcher and the client in to the steam launcher, so people in my steam's friend list can see that im playing celestia luna, but i'm affraid if celestia luna's guard will ban me because its like using 3rd party right ? Is it illegal ? Thank you.
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