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  1. The prayers work, they just don't show the stat increase. If you test the damage with and without the buffs, you can see the difference. The Replenishment Prayers worked just fine for me and gave the mp/hp they said they would, they just don't provide enough recovery to use them instead of the other defense prayers in my opinion. Holy Touch/Heal can help you recover hp more efficiently anyway. The missing level of Nature's Mind and Nature's shield is definitely unfortunate. I assume the human variation wouldn't gain access to level 3 Lash and Burning Rage either, but I haven't tested a human Crusader. Either way, this is definitely a bug that should be fixed eventually as I'm sure the GM's are aware of it by now. If/when they do decide to add a new skill, I can't wait to see/test it out! Edit: I recently realized that Crusader only has access to level 15 Mace Protection, which is very strange considering Maces are supposed to be this classes weapon of choice. It's also strange that Destroyer is the only class that gets access to level 25 mace protection and it's not even a defensive class that would typically use a mace.
  2. Heishin

    Stat Calculation

    I tested Warrior Form below by comparing it to Black Widow Leaders. Base Physical Attack With Black Widow Leaders 10% physical attack, Gained 1036 physical attack With Warrior Form lvl 2 - 7% Physical Attack, Gained 156 physical attack I know these aren't the same percentages, but 3% physical attack difference should not make an 880 point difference based on these value.
  3. I need to check that too... because this class destroys MP. Lol. That would explain why it's not working out that well for me.
  4. Hello All! In the February 2nd 2016 Patch, there was an increase in the magical attack power of all 1h maces. Prior to the patch, the Athena's Mithril Hammer (a rare one handed mace known for it's high magical attack power) had a magical attack power bonus of 118 and a physical attack power bonus of 126 with no enchantments. After the update, a clean Athena's Mithril Hammer should have received a 20% bonus in it's magical attack power. This would make it's new base magical attack power bonus 141. This would place the magical attack power of the rare one handed mace 15 points higher than its physical attack with no enchantments; however, I recently obtained an Athena's Mithril Hammer with a +12 enchantment and I noticed that the physical and magical attack power of the mace are exactly the same number. This is extremely confusing to me, because I was under the impression that the enchantment bonuses to a weapon would scale with items rarity and the base stats of the item before enchantments. If that is true, then the magical attack power of the +12 mace should be a lot higher than it's physical attack after the patch. Is this a bug? Am I missing something? If anyone currently has a clean Athena's Mithril Hammer and can post a picture of it's current magical and physical attack, that would be extremely helpful as it would help to verify that the magical attack power actually increased. It would also help if anyone has a screen shot of a +12 Athena's Mithril Hammers stats before the update, as I do not know what the previous magical attack power of the weapon was at +12 before the update. Thank you all for your time!
  5. Even if you /only/ cut edits in half you'd still be removing the benefits of tens of thousands of dollars worth of donated dollars from players.
  6. @everyone saying to get rid of edits. Private Donation is hella expensive and removing tens of thousands of dollars worth of edits from the game (probably more) is a terrible idea. It may be a good idea to make more events and in game features that don't allow edits (Like the PvP Tournaments), but removing them altogether is a terrible idea.
  7. I have also played CL for many years, and I main a high level Paladin. I don't think it was bad to visit critical damage on dexterity, because it is definitely unbalanced. I think a better approach would have been to reduce the critical damage instead of removing it altogether, because nearly every player using a physical attacking class was bound to panic. Personally, I would like to see the damage reduced instead of completely removed or fully restored in the next patch. The critical damage balancing is a good idea, and block should be visited, as well as mage classes (in regards to magical attack damage being outclassed by DoT mages and pre-patch physical attack damage in general). PS: Buffing vitality is a bad idea. There are characters that could tank the high damage before this recent critical damage patch, so buffing vitality would just make them even more untouchable. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Possibly something to consider, I haven't been playing with the class long enough to optimize it, but the class has to spam skills a lot and constantly. Holy Avenger, and the various prayers especially. Even with high level wisdom buff and mana control passive I find myself running out of mp constantly. As a magic based class this is rather concerning. Do you think giving the class access to blood stream would be possible ? It fits holy avengers hp conversion style, helps support the fast game play, and it would definitely be an important skill for training. Another possible option could be a buff/passive that behaves similarly to how Mana Vampirism behaved when cast on other players. Basically allowing you to regain mana by killing mobs, which could also support the fast game play of the class. (I haven't tried out Replenishment yet, so maybe this prayer will fix the classes need for MP.) Edit : I've tried out Replenishment and it helps a lot, but it's still not quite as powerful as I'd like it to be. Prayers cost a lot of mana, and you have to spam them quite often, while using 2 prayers of the same level and mana cost to keep the same single effect going constantly. If you try to do that with a power prayer, and a defense prayer while spamming HA, HEq, and possibly another skill (like blunt shield) to keep a training rhythm going you deplete your mp rather quickly, especially versus bulkier mobs. That's even with Level 10 wisdom, MP rec on earrings, and 30 seconds of Replenishment. Actually, the class really wants a target range skill to aggro enemies as well, so maybe a target ranged small AoE skill that grants the mana vampire debuff would work out really well.
  9. Hey, does anyone know what the cause of this issue is? I deleted celestiapatch and re-ran the patcher because my anti-virus kept blocking it even when I added it to exceptions and then I received a message that it failed to get an update. Afterwards, I uninstalled the game and tried to redownload the installer from the main website, but I got an error message about the download link saying the XML file doesn't appear to have any style information associated with it.
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