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  1. Quickie

    Lunar New Year 2020

    new Gacha please
  2. Quickie

    Beauty Contest 2019

    I think i have to go. My planet needs me... Nick : Tatay
  3. Quickie

    Tank OP

    yes thats it . maybe just the blocks.
  4. Quickie

    Tank OP

    go try to make a non edit guild with tank + damage if you can do . as i told you . up the philo of your items bro. (stop being amazed with 2lines philo thanks) or make full donate instead of ranting ^^
  5. Quickie

    Tank OP

    why nerfing the tank ? you just need to up the philo stats of your items or making a high MA base mage character instead of asking to nerf a tank . blocks and defense of tanks also depends on the user/player if how he balanced it . if you just focus on your rant . then you don't really know how to play game with strategy
  6. when you Philoed 42 int on L.armor 135 but the craft is 50str -_-
  7. laro na tayo mga betlog
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