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Lvling guide for newbies(105)


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Yoooo newbies 

Just wanted to share my lvling guide to those newbies out there ☺️.

Items needed(Always):

20% exp

exp scroll protection

Mana pots and Hp pots

and get those 20% pots (pa,pdef, ms,etc)

Lvl 1~15

Gate of alker

Easy life 😂

Kill those slimes, fungus and turtles

lvl 15-25

(you could change job at lvl 20 or continue till 25)

You could choose 2 maps here

Ruins of draconian and Zakandia

i would prefer zakandia

mobs: bears they give great exp to actually lvl up fast

incase you would be needing costumes you could go at ruins of draconian and kill the lizzards they give ms,hp and mp

lvl 25-30


kill chest till you lvl up to 30 or if you like and want a little challenge you could go at the golems. There is a chance you would be getting a pet there but the chance is so low so i don't recommend that.

lvl 31-40

this is kind of a challenging map

Moonblind forest and swamp

if you wanna lvl up fast without struggling you should go moonblind forest. Find the golems there you can easily attract them 1 by 1 and surely gives great exp just for 31-35

then go at moonblind swamp hunt those lurking archers, warriors 35-38 then go find the lamia's 38-40

lvl 40-45

All right keeps getting better and better( go change job at lvl 40 to fasten up the process baby)😂 

Red orc outpost here we come.

hunt everything near the portal there till lvl 45

Lvl 45-50

oh so it keeps getting harder huh 😭😭.

i would prefer to go to 

The way to the howling ravine

basilisk doesn's really give alot of exp but you can lure them at once so you can gain many exp as you want 😂. They're really painful so be carefull.

lvl 50-69

Worst lvl for me 😭

Two choices

either you go Mont blanc port slaying those skeleton(51-58) then go at Dryed gazelle fall killing the blue and red chest and those shadows(58-65) then go at howling cave 1f and kill ogres or trolls(66-69) or go Date dungeon.

(How to register for the date dungeon: you must go at alker harbor and go to the girl before Luna i guess her name is celerian.)

How to dd? You must first party your partner. There are lvl limits there so you must find a partner that is lvl 41-60 or if your lvl 61 and above go find for 61-80.

Lvl 70-75 

if you still have dd you can still dd if you dont then it would be bloody till you get lvl 75.

You could go hunt at Dark portal here. Go at distorted crevice and go to the shining spiral greeny thing to teleport at dark portal. There are this golem there that you could hunt that gives certain exp that you need but it would be a butthurt because they have many hp and def. Mage will surely be happy at this stage 😂. If u dont want the golems you could go kill the chimeras that are only near the golems.

Thank God im lvl 75 what to do now? go change job first and smile 😂 Because the next lvling spot is actually good 😁

Lvl 75-81

Wow im really strong now, knowing the fact that i already changed job and already at tier 4.

Well lets continue,

You must go at Howling cave 2f here. 

How to get to howling cave 2f? First you must transport to Howling ravine. Why? Because you would enter the portal there to go to howling cave 1f. Oh yes this would be a boring walk. After you entered 1f you must go to another portal at the end  of the map to go to 2f. Oh God another boring walk😭. Well its all for the lvl 😂. You must go at the near end. You would see the ogre's there. Now you start hunting.


I suggests you go dd this stage.

For your information: Dd restarts every 12am at the server time so you must always check the server time at Celestialuna.com

if you didn't reach lvl 91 at dd you could go to this map

Lair of kierra

now this will be the most boring time to lvl up but you got to endure it to lvl up. You could kill any mobs you want here but becareful on the Abyss knight they have high strike for those eva users and also high damage. 


Dd again. It keeps getting harder and harder here, the exp you get on dd gets lower and lower so expect this to be hard.

you could choose these map if your out of dd.

Lair of kierra and Nera harbor.

Lair of kierra= low exp

Nera harbor= good exp but high damage mobs 😂.

req'd pdef here is: 3k 

req'd eva:275+

if you know someone having a farmer you could use their help. They can boost you here.

or if you want i can boost you. Just Whisper or note me. My ign:Steeve or Moeia.

Always get pumped at lvling up friends. 






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  • Game Master
1 hour ago, Leblancorafk16 said:

good JK :D:D:D:D:


no srsly really helpful :D

Try not to double post, please! 

@Dom, not bad, I'll try this next time I make a new character. I have a different routine, I'll see if I like this any better!

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  • Administrator
42 minutes ago, MishyCharm said:

it's 2020 .... uhmm can i still use this guide for leveling? no exp change?:48:

This guide is from 2017, it's not old. We don't change exp or anything like that. This guide is still valid.

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