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[Tip] Getting Level 80-95 armor/weapons

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Something I've noticed among newer players is that they all struggle to find the money or the easiest way to craft the level 80-95 armor and weapons. Now this tip is really only for people who have just started the game, like first character/account type new. For level 80 you can get some things from Ghost Tree Swamp but above there nothing drops complete armor/weaponry until NH which only drops level 90-100 weapons and no armor.


In the Valley of Fairy (you can go here from level 76-80) almost every monster drops at least two types of molds/patterns for level 80-95 armor/weapons. For ease of access I've listed them below. Red items are for fighters, green for rogues, and blue for mages.


Note that this list is slightly different from the Old Luna Droplist guide posted here in 2011 since a recent update (I wasn't around for) changed the loot tables specifically for Pixies and Fierce Plantises to include molds and so this list may not be entirely complete - but it has every possible mold. Everything else is taken from the droplist.




Lv 81 - Plantis

Perium Mold: Sword, Fairy Feather Pattern: Glove


Lv 82 - Pegasus

Dragon Scale Leather Pattern: GloveFairy Feather Cloth Pattern: Robe


Lv 82 - Kentauros

Perium Mold: Bow, Perium Mold: Mace


Lv 83 - Fierce Plantis

Dragon Scale Leather Pattern: Armor


Lv 83 - Treent

Perium Mold: Gauntlet


Lv 84 - Pixie

Fairy Feather Cloth Pattern: Shoes

Lv 85 - Elder Treent

Perium Mold: Armor, Perium Mold: Boots


Lv 86 - Black Widow Scout

Perium Mold: Sword, Perium Mold: Dagger


Lv 87 - Black Widow Chaser

Perium Mold: Dagger, Perium Mold: Bow


Lv 88 - Black Widow Mage

Perium Mold: Mace, Perium Mold: Staff


Lv 89 - Black Widow Sniper

Perium Mold: Axe, Dragon Scale Leather Pattern: Boots



Why does this matter? Let's take for example a common mold you might want to make, say a Perium Sword Mold. It requires 714,817g, 35 Perium Ingots (603,155g), 50 Flame Stones (175k gold), and 8 rubies (16k gold). Cost of materials together = 1,318,163g for an 80% chance to make the mold.


So you're already over a million gold in the hole for your weapon just to make the mold for it. How much does the earliest weapon cost to make (Lv80 Templar Sword)? 1,798,334g, 41 Perium Ingots (706,553g) , 17 Fairy's Abrasive (2,557,820g), 37 Wiesel (not purchasable). Cost of materials together = 5,026,707g for an 85% chance to create the weapon you want.


The mold itself costs 26% of what it does to make the weapon and it isn't even guaranteed, so the ideal option here is to just remove the mold from the equation and focus only on the weapon itself - hence this tip. Luckily gold drops fairly abundantly in the Valley of Fairy so making over 10m isn't going to take you long while you're farming for these molds anyway.


You can farm several molds but I find that the level 90 equipment fully upgraded/reinforced is good enough to get you to 105 where you'll be able to farm NH and possibly try to get a clean rare G.set/H.set/Faust's whatever you want with that there - also coupled with your 105 power spike should make it easier. This is IMO the most price/performance balanced option when transitioning out of your level 75 gear since by the time you hit 85/90 you should have about 40-50m just from monster farming. 


Also once you're around level 88-89 you can farm Lair of Kierra monsters for Fairy's Shining Dew/Abrasive/Thread so you don't even have to spend the ridiculous millions buying that.


Bottom line though it costs a LOT to make these weapons/armor no matter what way you look at it, this is just a somewhat lengthy explanation of a way to save a bit of money and time and effectively skip the molding stage of crafting. Hope this helps someone.

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Nice guide. I used to do this when I was newbie.

Crafted sets are really useful and cheaper, some spends all their money in rough diamonds.

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can you explain about what we will get on the Ghost Tree Swamps too?
thank you, I love the guide :)

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2 hours ago, Antoni77 said:

can you explain about what we will get on the Ghost Tree Swamps too?
thank you, I love the guide :)


basically level 80 equipment drops there but you don't really need to get lvl 80 eq when you have 75 eq that's probably +7 and easier to get

i don't know exactly what mobs drop what because it's not from the original droplist and was changed over time


that's all :D

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