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Adventure in Celestia Luna


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So, i was started play CLO at 2020th, at that time i targeting to collect much gols for buyying item. I doing HQ Maker because easy to do and cost low gold, i do this because i just have 100m gold. I do HQ Maker for 3 mouth at moment i also do buying cheap item and sell it normal price or higher, some people call it "KULAK".

after 6 mounth doing that all, i finally can half completed item for farm at NH, i thought farm at NH is bad idea because gold collect from selling drop item is too low for that time where inflation attack market. So i decided doing booster for collect gold. But at this time i found interesting project, so at this time i was collecting many material for crafting Greater Angel Wings, because i start collect gold from trade item to player, i more enjoy than do booster level. so my focus in CLO are changging from collecting much gold to enjoy adventure at celestia luna, nah for gold i got much too from selling material item.


At same time i doing phillo item too, that fun for try my luck and some time got good option and some time worse.


At same time too i try to making some weapon that i enchant for my self.. i dont forget i was enchanted +13 Venom Dagger for first time using FAS at Ruin Draconian, i just use 1 FAS.. how lucky newbie.. hehehe.


after 6 mount i try to making Sahel Farmer Chara for doing boosting, Collecting material, Hunting Boss, and event stuff.


Now..., at end 2021 i trully know today... 


** ah more information about "KULAK" Im enjoing it, but i thought that bad because worse time and bad attitude because i try buy as cheap as i can but after that i sell it higher as i can i thought that treat domino effect, so player who suspect me they got envy at me and a little of them try "KULAK" Too, the truth why i not doing KULAK again till now.. that is...

More content i will add soon

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enjoying the game to the fullest is the most important thing... so yes, enjoy it... :39:

well... did you already testing all character Job-Class and their Skills too???
try to have some fun too with them... ._<

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