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  1. Now Playing???

    Iwanai kedo ne, by Yuiko Ohara
  2. How to make color pigment and color dye

    first time I've seen them... :o what is dye? what are they used for? :o
  3. 2h uses 1h skills

    some of One Handed Skills can be used too on Two Handed... but this is considered as bug... you can report these bug to "bug report" section also with proof screenshot and yes, don't get used to it... hahahaha
  4. [Video] Antoni77 playing Magnus

    Part 2... now with full Buffs from Rune Master... special thanks to Ivy2002...
  5. [Video] Antoni77 playing Magnus

    playing Magnus Semi Tanker with One-Handed Sword and Shield... really like that AoE Shield Punch, hahahaha... don't forget to click the CC (Subtitle) to see the text subtitle on this video, and enjoy...
  6. what i feel when this happening again

    next time please don't bring the pet when you want to DD...
  7. Dual Wield Training

    that's just a wrong tooltip... it's still increasing your physical attack when we do dual wielding, so don't worry about it. (anyway this is wrong section, supposedly moved to Question or Bug Report)
  8. axe and sword

    I dont understand why you can say that as harsh road... making Fighter Semi Tanker/ Hybrid is fun actually...
  9. [Feature Preview] Summoner's Tomes

    how about this idea? example: Summoner Tome Level 80-100 if we use it on Fairy Valley, the monster summoned is level 80 to 90, monster level 91 to 100 cannot be summoned... if we use it on Kiera Lair, the monster summoned is level 80 to 95, monster level 96 to 100 cannot be summoned if we use it on Nera Harbor, the monster summoned is level 80 to 100... (it is this idea is more troublesome?)
  10. [Video] Antoni77 playing TM Bow

    1.) yes, I buy reskill, but when I'm on level 107, and after Reskill, I making this video 2.) hmm what is that name again, Transcendence Sets?, yes with Lesser Eva phillo... 3.) Light Armor Evasion Max on Level 7 only (though we can max it to Level 9) on that Video, I already show all of my Skills I pick to Learn, and you need to pause video one by one to see their Level
  11. beberapa penyebab ga bisa DD: -belom Reset Time DD-nya -kalo mbikin ID Card for DD, jangan isi umurnya yang aneh-aneh, contoh umur 8 tahun atau 90 tahun, isi yang lumrah aja 17-20an tahun, gitu loh
  12. axe and sword

    for now on, Magnus is good with One-Handed Sword+ Shield...
  13. halo all, tonton video TM Bow ku ya... hehehehe, ternyata asyik juga main TM pake Bow
  14. [Video] Antoni77 playing TM Bow

    testing job TM with Bow, not that bad I think, it's good and fun actually... hahahaha check this out...
  15. Minor Bug, again

    ok Orange, I will try imgur next time :)