[Rogue] Best Job For Farming Gold In Nera Harbor. Elf / Human Entrapper

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guys nubie need a little help here. can u guys explain. what is "18p.a[HC]" if i philo an item to built psical attack, is it same with STR and Strike? i still confused

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On 7/6/2017 at 1:49 PM, Atiqah said:

This guide was a succes to me :) For newbies, I suggest you go the elf entrapper path. Why? Because it's easy to build the required eva/pdeff for farming in NH when you are an elf..

How do I know?? I tested it :)

I have both human and elf, tested them with same gears and buffs (destro and rm buffs) and with the gears I have (yeah, my gears not really good, i dont even have chival), my human entrapper suffers to kill the mobs at NH lol.. While my elf just kills them effortlessly :) I'm not saying that you can't be a good human entrapper.. What I'm just saying is that elf entrapper doesn't need amazing equips to 1 hit those mobs at NH, thus making them easier (and cheaper) to build if you're a newbie ;)

how much cost gold to get same equip like u?

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