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  1. Sir what woild u prefer. If i fully offensive and can 1 hit player. Elf or human.? What class that close to do that.?
  2. when reach lvl 135. what would u prefer for the stat? is it keep on vit?
  3. hallo im starting with this build. and start again since my char are banned . anyway , sir, can u prefer. what would be a good choises. between Mace and Sword...? ok Sword have fast skill, i love that. if i use mace, can it kill player in PvP..? im still confusing,!! cuz mace passiv skill give u more pdef. im afraid i just be tanker. and cannot kill. especially on PVP..? hope u answer this
  4. hello sir. how r u. so u've played luna again. what lvl r u now?
  5. is it good for war? if yes. what type of combo skill to kill opponent?
  6. guys nubie need a little help here. can u guys explain. what is "18p.a[HC]" if i philo an item to built psical attack, is it same with STR and Strike? i still confused
  7. hey. im playing luna again. my char was banned . so i built new char again. never give up. i wanna ask. why have to learn light armor experts than robe expertse? when i learn lvl 1 light armor experts. and using light armor. its said not on ur position . even when i've learned light armor experts.? tq very much .
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