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  1. Uptown Funk with Bruno Mars is the best song to have ever blessed us on the face of this earth. Can I get an amen?
  2. let's go out orange!! By the way my reps say -8(Worst) does that mean I have the most negative reps on the forums? Lol. (This question is for anyone).
  3. I can help you. Become a cardinal and you'll never lose again cuz we all kno cardinal takes no skill am i rite guise
  4. i haet it w3n some1 doesnt kno tht th3y r a n00b, it rly rustl3z me jimmi3s
  5. Which is why I haven't played since 2013.
  6. trying to test this post TGrQABT9XgA
  7. xIzzy

    War Songs?

    Nickelback - Hero or Wiz Khalifa - Medicated. <- You'll need that for the weak cards who think they're good.
  8. Didn't read the replies of this thread. The the only thing that needs to be changed is Cardinals skill "Holy Taker" clutch on it more you weak mages. You all need to play a real class like Entrapper.
  9. xIzzy

    Dear Gm

    Many of our past CL ancestors have died sacrificing themselves in these guild wars to protect the legendary slimes. I say keep the heal.
  10. been too busy listening to darude - sandstorm to have an annoying moment of the day :')
  11. Running out of hot cheetos. . . . . . . . . :'(
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