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  1. Sorry for the delayed replies, because we recently started a war and are still a level 3 Guild, our slots are currently filled with people looking to participate in the war, once we get around to reaching level 4 or higher we will start recruiting more players into the guild, apologies for the inconvenience.
  2. You're right about the non-edited tank players, it's just a majority of the players that are using the new 135 PD armor set happen to be edited. I just brought it up because prior to these items you could still damage tanks with crazy high Physical Defense to the point where they eventually would die, sorry. As for block, I agree with the idea of some sort of trade-off with the Solid Shield buff and Jonah had brought it up on a few occasions and it makes total sense.
  3. 1) Yes, dex is the best stat. 2) Hidden Blade Set (Glove + Neck), 2 Pc Hathor Ring, Earrings of your choice (EoD / EoP / Hege / Crafted Lv 100), Holy Armor [c] dex or str + Holy Boot. Tarintus Helm or Kynee. All with Str + Dex / Dex + Str philo, or if you're focused on PVP strike with a mix of str or dex. 3) One damage set (As stated above, that would be your Str + Dex mix / Dex + Str mix set) and another with Strike to hit evasion players (Usually around 430 is your safe zone, not many players are going above that) For Weapons you should get Dex or Str craft with strike philo, usually don't 2 sets of weapons.
  4. For about a year - year and a half, there has been a large increase in Shield / Tank players as opposed to the much heavier hitting classes. Edits have a play in this because you can still reach Physical Defense values that most players have a hard time denting and still be able to one shot most of your opponents with Sonic Boom. 1) Block Rate - Because of the increase in shield users, this game mechanic has become much more unavoidable. Block essentially eliminates all of your damage and you're left to just get popped by the opposing players. With that being said, Block is such a strong mechanic that ANY class with an ability that has damage to one shot other players from a range are able to simply equip a shield, have a paladin or Phalanx buff them and essentially become invincible granted their luck is in their favor. Possible Fix - Reduce damage reduction on blocked attacks. If I'm hitting a player 8,000 x 2 With Sonic Boom my damage (my opinion) should not be reduced to 1,000 x 2. 2) Physical Defense - Now, I am not saying this stat is unfair or unbalanced, but with the new Level 135 Private Donation Set combined with Edited Items with Vitality, it is basically impossible for a normal player to do any damage to these Edited Tanks. I bring this up because prior to the 135 Items, you could still deal damage an edited tank with normal items and eventually kill them, however now the minimum damage for Burning Crash is a whopping 9 Damage and 12 with RM Buff. Possible Fix - Put an actual minimum damage in PvP instead of 1. I'm not saying make it around 2,500 or something along those lines, just enough that if you have enough damage incoming, you're not going to walk away with 40 damage taken. 3) Protection Aura (Party Holy Barrier) - 3-4 Magnus parties have become a by-product of the Tank Era. Each magnus has Protection Aura which lasts (numbers may be wrong here) 3 seconds and has a cooldown of 7 seconds. Multiply that by 3-4 and you have a 9-12 second PARTY Holy Barrier which has essentially a 7 Second cooldown because it's looping between multiple players. Possible Fix - Have Protection Aura dissipate after taking x amount of damage and increase cooldown. This does not apply to Holy Barrier mage ability, that has a long enough cooldown in relation to it's length that it is not such a big deal. With this fix it will allow you to maybe get a good flank off and destroy the current Protection Aura shields and allows your team to come in and finish off a few kills. This last one is relating to Rogues. 4) Casting Foil - This skill is quite hated in the community because of it's unique property to cancel any skill you are currently casting and stop you from completely another action until the debuff is removed. However, in Wars this skill has much bigger properties that most people aren't aware of, however in the more active PvP community it is heavily abused. One property being the fact that Foil does not remove you from Stealth (I understand, you aren't dealing damage so why would it, right?), however this brings a few problems with it, you can foil mages trying to use Beholder and basically be hidden forever and the cooldown is low enough that doing so won't put you in a situation where you can't stop a high priority target. The second and probably the most abused property of Casting Foil is the fact that when used on someone with any sort of crowd control that is not a Stun,(Paralyze / Sleep / Freeze / Silence) it will COMPLETELY REMOVE this effect from the player although they still have the effect on both their debuff bar and visually on their character. This is not only a big problem when you need to sleep someone but it also makes it so for the remainder of the Crowd Control that was cancelled (Sometimes multiple - Silence + Ice + Sleep) you can not reapply it to the target that was foiled. Possible Fix - Make Foil remove you from stealth & No longer cancel Crowd Control effects (Maybe increase cooldown by a few seconds). If these fixes are set into place it will make Elf Rogues think a lot more about their use of this fight changing ability and will balance PvP In such a crucial way because when you lock a target or a mage with Silence or Sleep/Ice, you will know they are not getting out of it until damage is taken which is much easier to coordinate with a team.
  5. If you make a Human SM and go Knight Path, you go Mercenary at level 40, Not Infantryman. This gives you the crit damage passive that you would normally get at Gladiator, just a lower level of it. Human SM no longer has a stun because of the changes on Shield Skills requiring an actual shield and not a second weapon. Their one shot ability is usually higher than an Elf's because of the crit damage bonus they get from passive and their increased PA from Burning rage and human's base str difference. I would say HB Set is always better than Chivalry of the Church, you really need crit rate on Sword Masters, especially if you're focusing on stats like Strike which usually leaves your character lacking in Dex.
  6. Warrior > Infantryman > Gladiator > Swordmaster I would just do pure dex from the start, saves you money on a restat after 105. As for skills, If you level 2-Handed you will only have Wheel Wind as an AOE Ability until level 75 and then you get Earthquake. If you level 1-Handed, you have only one AOE and it's not that great. After 105, You should stay 2-Handed until you're ready to dual wield, just learn the AOEs like Earthquake and Swordstorm and passives+buffs. When you're dual, you just learn Sonic Boom / Double Sonic Blast and some AOEs. (Spinning Sword / Swordstorm) Passives are going to be the same as always, Heavy Armor / Dual Wield Training / Dual Expertise / Rage Burst / Risk Taker / Sword Training
  7. Reptopry

    Hunter blast

    Yes, it is an error in the tool-tip. Level 16 - 574 Level 17 - 585 Level 18 - 597 Level 19 - 609 Level 20 - 621
  8. Unfortunately, we are currently full, but if you leave your IGN or Note one of the VPs, we will be sure to get you in when we have a slot open or add another guild to our union.
  9. Reptopry

    Puppy Mitts

    The Puppy Mitts costume piece does not appear on characters that are Human / Male but appear fine on Elf / Male as well as Human & Elf Females.
  10. I would say Full Dexterity. Being a dual wield class, you don't really struggle to get high Physical Attack combined with philo bonuses, you would benefit more from the extra critical hit damage, critical hit rate, and strike. Also, there is a penalty for dual wield which I'm sure you're aware of, so Dexterity helps you counter the loss in critical hit rate.
  11. Guard-Swordsman-Knight-Destroyer is for mostly Vitality stat players because of the Level 10 "Enhanced HP" Passive. This passive when max level gives you around 400 + 1% Bonus HP. In addition, you get an HP Recovery passive "Blood Leak." Warrior-Swordsman-Knight-Destroyer loses the "Blood Leak" passive while maintaining the "Enhanced HP" passive, but only at level 5 meaning the Bonus HP is only 175+1% vs the 400+1% from Guard's Level 10. Unless you are completely dedicated to playing Vitality Destroyer, I would just go with the general W-S-K-D Path, the differences only come from those two passives and they don't differ too much in stat bonuses.
  12. The tool-tip is incorrect, it is 30 evasion as Orange stated.
  13. IGN And Level: Jacob - 150 Job: Destroyer Highest Critical Rate: 2937
  14. Event Rudolph items have incorrect images (Horns and Nose replaced with Blue Chi Pao pieces)
  15. Played the class for a bit last night just messing around, having Blunt Shield and Rune Impact (Elf) makes it very strong for 1v1 PvP. PvE was quite nice as well, being able to clear Nera Harbor groups in around 1-3 uses of Holy Avenger. But as Jonah said, the range on the prayers feels a little low and when leveling in parties in maps like Nera Harbor where you are constantly moving around to group mobs, it can be a little challenging to get everyone within range of the buff. All in all the class is very fun and I'm looking forward to trying to class in higher level PVE and PVP.
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