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  1. Xilfer-Ω


    i hope they could give us an ETA on this one >.<
  2. Well people tend to donate more at these events, its a good marketing strategy :D and people make the most of our their spending. Even with events like these, the market does not get saturated with Premium items, because there are a lot of consumable items in the Item Mall.
  3. "Christmas Season Early Double PP Event!" Just like having a pre-Christmas sale :D
  4. i dont think Frivs is a newbie, i saw him selling some good stuff, like the +12 g.set full vit and some other items. i dont think someone who just played for the 1st time can get that kind of items unless they donated, but probably not because you were also buying BWL. you certainly attracted my attention with this post of yours
  5. Xilfer-Ω

    This Error

    yes, that's the one.
  6. Xilfer-Ω

    This Error

    how do i solve this one? actually its on my brother's laptop.
  7. Xilfer-Ω

    Cardi Or Sa

    Which is more balanced and has a higher killing capability PVP/PVM.
  8. hindi naman yan RMT =P nagtatanong lang kung sino malapit, bka gusto gumimik or uminom :D
  9. SM is Elf only... -1 for this guide...
  10. ahh i see, tnx man :D so entra is still the best for farming. How much does HoD cost and Draup, oh btw can i use 2pcs Draup instead of 1 sekh?
  11. why sekhmet? would 2 hathor be better? my entra has 304 dodge at the moment, and i dont feel the effect of extortion skill that much. hmm i envy the BTs that are farming that can OHKO monsters >.<
  12. Q1: Which would be better for farming in NH between SA and Necro, and what build; INT or VIT? (I have +12 g.set [p]int/vit) Q2: Between BT and Entra, which would be more ideal for NH, which can kill faster? Q3: Is there a penalty to my skills if I level down? ex.(I level my character to 125 to get higher level of skill, then level down to 109) I have a level 109 entra for farming NH but im not satisfied with it, so im plannin on making a new farmer. I hope that you guys can help me with this questions that is running in my mind right now, thanks in advance :D
  13. yeah, and its so nice :D thanks to game Admins/Owner for this wonderful event, this helps new players like me to get a jump start with the game.
  14. thanks, that was the answer that i was looking for :D i rest my case.
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