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  1. Rosenia

    Dual client login

    yes, its legal. even for 5 or more accounts, its legal. but for fishing, max 5 accounts.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a Wedding Dress Set Permanent. If you want to sell, note me in game. IGN : Rosenia
  3. the high price of goods and the increasingly unstable economy caused by the amount of gold circulating on the server. My suggestion is : Make a gambling NPC with a very small chance to get rare items / equipment / costumes (ex: chance to get rare Costumes are 0.0001%) . Use high prices for each turn for example 1b / round. Indeed the price of items obtained from gambling will be very high, but at least it will reduce a lot of gold in circulation because gold goes back into the system. Soon or Later, will reduce the price of goods or equipment because there's no much gold in the server.
  4. I give you some advice how to get Rich. 1. Now is Event time, you can try your luck to hunt box event that be held in every 1 hour. 2. Make new Character (Swordman or Mage) just for hunt Boss from level 23. But first, you can hunt Equip set in Goblin for your character, so that make you easily to kill the Boss. When you are level 23 fo to Zakandia, Hunt Evil Golem (if you are Lucky, Drop Tiny Crystal Permanent). Change Channel to kill all Boss. If you kill Evil Golem in 10 channel, your level will up to level 33. Level 33 you can hunt Dark Gargoyle or Doita at Moonblind Forest, you can get accessoris for you char until your level is 37. Then, level 37 you can go to Red Orc Outpost, hunt Harpy Queen. If you are Lucky, you will get Dark Element (price around 25b to 30b Clean) you can hunt until level 52. Just do it, make character and then delete and make a new character again just for farming these items. 3. You can try your luck from Fishing. 4. You can be a HQ Maker, but need much gold first.
  5. Rosenia

    Multiple Accounts

    I try to answer for the blue hightlight. So, why do we have to install cheat engine or etc, if we won,t use it? :) any cheat or ilegal programs will get chaught from the first used in this game. it's not GM's only who keep the rules and make the game alive, but all players.
  6. Rosenia


    Drag Pet skill to Pet Slot Skill. Then drag Skill from your Pet Slot Skill to your Slot skill. So, if you want to use pet skill, you can push your slot skill (with pet skill inside)
  7. Rosenia


    Yes, you can stack them to make effect higher. Example : scroll skill lv.2 when you insert 5 or 6 scroll in your pet slot skill, there will be skill lv 10 or 12. They look like scrolls but when it put into your pet slot skill, you can activated by your shortcut skills. Dont forget, pet skill have delay time.
  8. Rosenia


    You can buy Pet Skills at NPC in Nera Castle. Add to shortcut Pet Skill to use it.
  9. Hi, in you want somebody interact with you so you have to start from your self. Go to Alker Harbour, find someone and talk to him/her. Or maybe you can find a friends from your country first, thats more simple. I'm sure, when you are begin to interact with someone, you will get any response. For hunting, there are a lot of fun when you solo hunting. For example, I always do this trick. I am hunting alone from the 1st level till the last job. I always looking for boss monster to gain rare item. Like Evil Golem (Tiny Cristal), Dark Gargoyle, Queen Harpy (Dark Element), and many monster to gain Equipment set. I am not thinking about my level, but always hunt the item. You know what? My level is grow faster. Move from 1 channel to another Channel just to hunt Boss. Thats always what I've done to kill the time. Delete old char and make New One just to hunt Boss Monster, again and again. If you want to party, then you can shout. Maybe you can party when you hunt Boss like Tarintus or other Boss that hard to defeat alone. I'm sure, there will be someone else join to your party. I am playing since 2013 - 2014 and none of my character gain level 120. All under level 120. DD untill level 150? Dont push your self. Playing the game is not about hunting only. But we can find some friends and talking about anything in the game. Enjoy the game.
  10. Bisa hunt mulai di Howling Ravine, Howling cave 1F dan 2F buat kumpulin item set mulai Giant Hero set, Damned One set, Ancient magical set, dll. Itu kl udh kumpul 1 set, jual aja 1B atau lebih msh cepat laku. Pas kl msh lv 60 chance drop msh gede.
  11. DD itu Dugeon Date. Jd hrs ada 1 teman / pasangan buat hunt di dalam Dugeon khusus dalam waktu tertentu. Exp nya besar, sangat disarankan untuk mempercepat kenaikan level. Disarankan jg pake item double Exp saat DD. Farm Gold di bawah lv 100 mending hunt mini bos saja, item2 msh laku di jual. Kalau bisa yg berhubungan dgn item set. Jd jualnya per set, bisa lbh mahal dan cpt laku.
  12. Yes, is this. Before playing you can read the Rules. These Rules are always obeyed by the players and GM always provides penalties for every player who violates. That is why this game persists for a long time.
  13. 1. I think we can't make crit rate to 100% 2. As I know, there's nobody have 100% crit rate. 3. False. Crit damage depend on your phy attack damage/STR
  14. Coba note ke IGN saya : Rosenia
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