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  1. Finally, I can play this beloved game again. There's nothing changes, the game still peacefully. thanks to admin, GM's and staff to keep this game alive with the rules. to all of my friends, just say "Hi" if u meet me in the game. dont forget for my IGN : Rosenia & Alchemilla
  2. Hello Alphabets...Guys Alpha type.. I just wanna say, How are u? have a nice day...
  3. Rosenia

    Help Me!!!!!!

    Langsung telp ke Costumer service game nya saja, ceritakan kronologinya. ini nomor CS nya : 0215764122
  4. Rosenia

    Help Me!!!!!!

    Jika Pulsa dalam kartu kamu sebelumnya adalah 50rb pas, maka sdh pasti tidak cukup krn berkurang saat mengirimkan sms konfirmasi yang biayanya tidak sama dengan tarif sms lokal. Jika pulsa kamu lebih dari itu dan berkurang banyak, maka kamu bisa telp ke layanan operator untuk pengecekan.
  5. Watching anime : Gosick

  6. Maybe, Error because ur game option are Full screen. change into windowed, open launcher first as much as ur id, start game until dialog box login and then u can login 1 by 1..
  7. Love for my yesterday, today and might tomorrow

  8. you should know about the rules and tell Ur cousin to use another computer (or another game center/internet cafe) to join the events. well, it should be ur experience for the next events...
  9. go for leveling your pet and let's duel again... :D
  10. Just like Pokemon, let's make our pet for Duel.. Pet Vs Pet.. Simple Rules, you may buff your Pet before Duel and u can only use your pet skills to kill other Pet. and of course, Pet Killed by Player is forbidden. it's more fun than other duel... interest? Lets duel with my Pet first.. dont forget to buy Pet First Aid so much as u can :P ign: SaintRose / Rosenia
  11. I think it's all because the GM's and staff always keep the Rules in game. so, it make us felt more comfortable when playing Celestia Luna because there is no cheat, KS, or any bad players in here. and when we found them (cheater and other bad players) we can report them and the GM's or Administrator will give the punishment. and finally, most players are follow the Rules and make this game more fun.. it's just my opinion
  12. you can read this (red color) : http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/29346-account-recovery/#entry293854
  13. FYI, not all player from indonesia can speak english and maybe the person you asked is the one who cannot speak english. I am from Indonesia, but for conversation I always use english although for indonesian players.. Please forgive for any bad indonesian players..if you need or ask something, you can do with me..with my pleasure of course I will do what I can do..
  14. Rosenia

    Nera Castle 3

    5pp = 200m that's the prices when I sell for any item mall..there is no changed.. :)
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