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  1. what spell barrier function anyway? i still looking guide for that because magic never ever miss
  2. nice guild btw but why dont go to phalank instead rune knight? is that because you may got block buff or something? still confusing since that rune knight also has good buff for his/her party
  3. hai GM how long is this double GEMS event? i just wanna know because i can collect some money to buy it
  4. some say mage was too overpower,but what is the overpower power about mage? its because they have supertank power and crazy DOT damage?every job has their own abilities and also rogue and fighter has their own abilities rogue has crit fighter has high PA that could blow away every job he facing.the one who said that mage is overpower is because is just hate mage so much or always keep fail win battling againts mage,lol im not racist but every job in has their own abilities that what my opinion and thats why im disagree with this idk for other player lol
  5. so when is this update come? i still feel my rogue damage is little bit low
  6. well admin i would say i disagree with THIS because mage power is pretending on DOT damage and if you based with int mage would nerf ,for example my necro poison is 1.2k but after update what it will gonna be? 300?,500?,700? sorry if my post is kindda rude
  7. oo ok thanks all we need to do is just wait lol
  8. i dont why PP 1.5x are ending so fast,please give double PP or some event on this happy new year
  9. hello i got some issue that really make me mad,im try purcase PP in donation option but suddenly i cant login my id in website please help me
  10. hai guys im just try to play my entrapper again,its seem quiet long time since my last time i play CL.so i decide to play again,and also i need to know how much does it worth for PP right now because i need to make money to start in beginning.
  11. jajiboge

    The Stuck Screen

    the problem has been solve lol to solve this problem i just need to teleport my character to another map thanks for answering
  12. jajiboge

    The Stuck Screen

    hey guys do you have same problem just like i had? because idk why i cant play my luna its been a view mounth since my last login but i wanna play again please help me
  13. jajiboge

    moving speed

    thanks alot bro i got the answer now
  14. jajiboge

    moving speed

    hello brother of CL i wanna ask something about moving speed 1.does moving speed has the limit? 2.how to counting the moving speed for example 100ms? 3.how to counting the percentage of moving speed like 25% moving speed= ?
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