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  1. Gotta love the new crafting system just like in luna plus.
  2. shinu, serene, banter and army of rohan are 1st gen guilds
  3. haha wala pa din bgo? nsa ibang place na kmi :D
  4. Entrapper full vit/pdef.. DOT type. Let them bleed to death.
  5. My destro with my noob friend arz haha :P Taiseki the perv XD I know zaza and he's a friend cocky but cool just ride along. Respect to Dragon and SolitaryDeath the old timers I know. Respect to Anton my long time rival and a friend. My friends from Indonesia wazzup Virtual Sky! *Laurel still smelly XD
  6. Dude theres no windows 7 for mac just buy or download a windows 7 os and install it on VMWare or other virtual machines available. :D
  7. Just a tip for hunting. Once the server restarts, all mobs, bosses spawns even tarintus :) Set a timer after you killed a boss and after it re spawns again. A good hunter knows its prey XD
  8. Attack speed is for skill shots animation boost, compared to mages its like reduce cast time. Physical Attack Speed is for basic melee or range attacks.
  9. Anong bago sa luna? bakasyon na ah haha parang gusto ko mg laro. nag release na ba ng patch?
  10. pag naglaro ulit ako try ko mkuha ulit ung no mercy :D
  11. sinubukan ko n dati pagsamasamahin mga pinoy players eh kaso un iba kumampi sa klaban mga indo sa huli my kakampi dn ako mga indo haha gnun tlga eh
  12. once na mg down ang server hintayin nyo mg up tpos puntahan nyo sila tarintus or kierra haha gnyan kami mg camping dati
  13. hey noob u seriously gonna play? Warned
  14. Walang kwenta kasi ung spiral na un haha pampa pogi lang eh Nakkatwa tong update na to simula pa nung nglalaro ako mron dw update.. kya nga ako ng quit kasi wla ako nkikitang update wlang update maintenance lang mron dto
  15. I miss you Aina.. I miss the old times with No Mercy. Wherever you are by now I just want you to know I'l never forget you.
  16. add me up and lets chat :)

  17. Sino nkakita sa BLADE OF THE SUN ko? ung +13 hahaha san ko ba mkikita ulit un?
  18. This update seems like just a dream? Ive been waiting for this since 2011.
  19. Oh it was posted 21st of MAY 2013 hahahha
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