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Found 21 results

  1. Hi! So I'm returning to Luna Online after so many years and slowly relearning some stuff. There is one quest from the Bank Keeper in Alker Habor which I cannot seem to figure out. It involves constructing with time? I have to combine Cooled Heartstone of Evil with Bless of Time, then give the result to Hafreban. But I have no idea where to find or get these items. Could I ask for some guidance on how to complete this? Thank you!
  2. Me and a friend normally use Paladin, RM, and then 2 damage dealers just to play pve Is it worth even having a paladin now after the minimum damage thing? And what would be better just two damage dealers that can solo fine with RM buffs? What are good solo classes/damage for the 3 archetypes? Fighter/Rogue/Mage Purely PVE question, I know everything can do fairly well built correctly, I always just like trying new things when I replay Luna
  3. Karliah

    2h uses 1h skills

    Is every 1h skills able to be used when using 2h or just some of it? I'm curious if cross slash works on 2h
  4. issai

    Need help

    Please, help me!
  5. Hello, I have a question (again) Can someone tell me about what gains we get from the guild buff? what buffs are available in the guild buff ? Whether the buff(s) can be used when hunting? Or in war only? I've seen some guides on guild guides in this forum, but none of them explain guild buff thanks
  6. Please teach me how to patch the client
  7. i'm still confused about in game rules and what kind of punisment i got if i doing it?
  8. I'm really lacked of knowledge to know where can you obtain any weapons above lv 105. Could you guys tell me ? EDIT : If its a sketch, well tell me where I can obtain it.
  9. I've been trying to get to her dialogue screen so I can get myself potions but she doesn't respond at all when clicked on All the other NPCs work fine though
  10. Mae

    question about DD

    is it against the rules to use two of my characters in dungeon dating?
  11. does anybody know how to get it??
  12. Mae

    Character Reporting?

    so i know this question has been asked two or three times and im sorry to ask yet again but im very confused about reporting I'd like to report somebody, but it says I can't make a new topic in the Character Report section, so what do I do?
  13. Catty


    if i forget my password, where i can get back the password?
  14. is there a gender and name change for character in luna celestia?
  15. Devils armor for necro not working?
  16. Sir,, can u Help Me i forgot My ID .. For The nickname ElfChoey .. tell me my ID just ID.. not Password and email,, Just the ID,, Can you send for my email in [email protected] Thanks Before,, and Happy Gaming,, :D
  17. I wasn't paying attention and chose the wrong class. I read in another forum that if you lower yourself back down to level 19 (which I just did) you are reverted back to being a fighter and can re-do the quest, I am level 19 and it says I am still a guard and not a fighter. I don't want to have to start over. What can I do to get reverted back to a fighter? Thanks so much to any answers.
  18. EvoineJ

    To be a fisherman

    can i get gold carp, terrapin, etc in peaceful water? or just in luminous water or what?
  19. Gan,Ane Mau Nanya nih.. Ane itu Rogue Mau Jadi BT.. nah Ane bingung Mau Pake Shinigami Sandals Atau Panda Boots.. Minta Saran Dong Gan.. Thx
  20. Hi everyone!, I must admit I don't play Celestia Luna since a very long time so I'm starting all over again :P I wanted to know if you can tell me the average prices of this newbie items (if people are still buying them): Radiant Spirit - lvl 4 [necklace] +7 wis Family Ring - lvl 6 [ring] +5 int +27 mp Bear Leather Belt - lvl 25 [belt] +6 str +4 vit +25 hp Breath of the Dead - lvl 27 [earing] +4 dex +3 vit +18 mp Arcwand - lvl 33 [wand] +15 int +100 mp Oranmental Philosopher Feather - [head accesory] +25 hp +75 mp Kiyoma’s Feathered Horn Bow - lvl 46 [bow] +12 str +10 dex Source of the Ancient Magical Power - lvl 62 [staff] +12 int Widardly Wand - lvl 64 [wand] +25 int +10 wis +5% cast speed Ancient Magical Power - lvl 60 [Robe SET] Stained with Blood - lvl 60 [Light SET] I greatly appreciate any information you can provide. Thanks in advance. See you all ingame :lol:
  21. hai, saya mau tanya kalo misalkan mau main CL make Mac bisa ga ya ? thx buat perhatiannya
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