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Magnus or Paladin + game related questions


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Hello, before I start off this topic, i'd also like to introduce myself. 
Dont be deceived, I am a male going on 21.  It's been about 6 going on 7 years since i've last played. As of right now, I dont technically have an ingame name. I used to play as a Magnus but due to some issues, I cannot retrieve my account. (The email was deactivate for being inactive for a long period of time)
Throughout the last couple days, I have a  I've been scrolling through most of the topics and post to see what all's happened during that break. So just know, that I have explored and searched. The questions that I do have, they've probably been asked, but they're still a bit blurry to me. 

<= also, above my forum name it says "I am the one" can I change that? I dont know what I was thinking 6 1/2 years ago, but that sounds ridiculous

So first off, What are the Pros and Cons of a shield and sword Magnus vs a Paladin. 

I see that the skills were fixed and the sonic boom attacks are no longer compatible with 2 handed axes. How does that affect Magnus as a whole. (the next couple questions will basically be riding off this one, bare with me.

I know that 2h axe magnus was fairly decent. But now that they either have to go 2h sword, dual, or 1h and shield, how do they compare to classes like SM. What are you takes on 2h swords vs SM and what are the pros and cons when comparing a DW Magnus and DW SM

It's been along time since i've played, so im pretty lost on stats and everything. For end game pvp, about how much dex and strike are needed if you become a 1h magnus or paladin and how does a shielded Magnus compare to that of a 2h destroyer or 2h mangus. Also (I know XD it's never ending. Im sorry) do you split your p.a with vit? This is for end game pvp or course.

This is my last question. I see that donation armors are a thing and I wont lie, i've been looking into it. Although, are they usable? I see that there were some topics stating that the use of pd players vs non pd players is a real problem. Would it be best to have a set of each, or how is that looking? 

I do apologize for all of these questions, but I am very thankful for whatever responses I receive. I have seen alot of similar questions in other posts, but im just restating them in hope to understand a bit better.

Thank you

Edit: Thank you Antoni77

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hmm, well maybe you just typo... the name is "Magnus" anyway
(Magna/ Magnus it's from Latin if I remember it correctly, it's means "Grand or Great")

-Magnus now supposedly using swords, either it's One-Handed+ Shield, or Dual-Wield
(you can use Dual Blow on Dual-Wield now). If you use One-Handed+ Shield you use Magnus AoE skill: "Shield Punch"
-Paladin has more Shield Skills and more Defends Skills than Magnus, that's all.
-Swords Master has more Dual-Wield Skills and has higher Phy. Attack
-I'm not PVP players so I cannot answer the Question about PVP... XD
-Armors and another Equip now it's Max on Level 135, but of course you can Donate for getting Good Armors :D

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I also played way back 2010 to 2012 and I just returned playing the game 2nd week of December 2016. I will try to answer all your questions since I'm currently making an STR, 1 handed magnus that is currently struggling to 105.

Forum signature: It is auto generated on how many post in this forum. Yeah, yours is better than mine. :noway:

This is the summary of Pros and Cons for me:
Paladin - Higher Block rate
             - No 105 aoe skill: Shield Punch
             - Lower level of unique buffs (auras) if it came from Rune Knight

Magnus - Lower Block Rate
              - Higher PDef
              - Dual Sonic Blasts (Ranged)
              - Higher level on unique buffs (auras)

*Yes, the skills are all fixed and you can't use axe anymore if you're going for sword. Sword is better for Sonic Boom and Dual Sonic Blast
*Yes, 2 handed Magnus is also good if you want more PATK but less pdef and quick casting skills. but if you're planning to go dual-wield, better to go SM instead for higher level of expertise
*I'm not a fan of DEX. I will go pure STR with STR items and strike accesories and will go PURE VIT with STR items around 135+. Note: Rune Impact Nevermisses and Dual strike's poison effect is still applied even though you hit it as a miss.
*Comparing to 2-handed Magnus and 2-handed destroyers, it is like you will have to choose whether you want a lower PATK but higher PDEF or higher PATK and lower PDEF. I'm not a fan of destroyer since you will not get my favorite skill: Rune Impact. It's up to you what will you choose but every character has it's own strengths and weaknesses.
*If you're going to ask me, I think the game will be much better without donation items - but I think it is inevitable since the game also needs $$$ for the game maintenance and improvement.

I hope I did helped to answer your questions. :cool::cool::cool:

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  • Game Master

You will have to message Orange or Brandon about your title, I can't seem to change it on the new forums. I can't promise they will do it, as they've got a lot going on, but it's certainly worth a shot.

Regardless of what class you choose to play, I suggest you use sword since axe and mace users can no longer use important skills such as Sonic Boom, Spirit Sword (?), and Sword Storm. Those are all fairly crucial to playing fighters, so keep that in mind! 

Most fighters seem to play as Vit types for the higher HP and defense, then go for Strike and STR accs. DEX is really not a good stat to go for unless you're playing a rogue, you should use your back piece and weapon reinforce to try and get a decent crit rate, if you need more, you can change a couple things around. But it shouldn't be too hard to get a decent crit rate if you have a good amulet philo on a cape, and a good reinforce on a rare weapon. Also, don't stress about strike too incredibly much, it sounds like you'll be going an elven path, so you'll have Rune Impact (non-miss skill). Although, if you can't one-shot people - probable as a 1h-user - then it could be a problem. 300 at the very minimum I'd say, for high evasion enemies you will probably need 350+. 

Donation armor doesn't quite seem to be worth it - the weapons definitely - but I would suggest just going for a crafted set of armor if you can get to 135 (should be a bit easier with the new date dungeon and Sahel map). 

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  • Game Master
3 minutes ago, tony119 said:

@Seraphyre nice input there sir. seems like you're a pro-fighter. May I know if you already tried pure STR Elven Paladin or Magnus with 1 hand? Is it good or the damage will be really low?

I've sent you a PM to change mine. :P

The only fighters I've ever made were all pure Vit, the larger HP pool is always more beneficial than a few hundred more P.A. in my opinion :D

I'll check that right away!

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Thank you all for responding to my post^~^ All of your answers have been very informative. I ended up going 1h mangus. Im liking it so far. Rocking that chicken costume =>

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  • 8 months later...
On 3/28/2017 at 8:21 PM, Umi said:

Thank you all for responding to my post^~^ All of your answers have been very informative. I ended up going 1h mangus. Im liking it so far. Rocking that chicken costume =>

hello sir. how r u. so u've played luna again. what lvl r u now?

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