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Costume Design Contest


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July 18th - August 5th 2023

Our Costume Design Contest is back! Do you have a great idea for a new costume? Show us! Your very own design could end up in the game~

  • There is no design theme, let your imagination go wild! Let anything inspire you but do not blatantly copy something from elsewhere in any media including movies, shows, cartoons, anime, manga, games.
  • There are 3 categories, you may enter all 3 with 1 design per category.
    • [Both Costume, Male Costume, Female Costume]
    • You can win multiple categories.
    • The design should have 4 pieces head/body/glove/boot or 5 pieces - head/body/glove/boot/back (back accessory is bonus and will not be judged)
  • No obscene or inappropriate content such as sex, violence, drugs, discrimination, etc.
  • Only players who have been playing longer than 14 days prior to the start of this contest can enter. Accounts that played less than 14 days of the last 30 days cannot enter.
  • Your artwork must be yours and made only for this contest. If you enter art that was made long before or not by you you will be disqualified. You must take a screenshot midway through your process to prove that the artwork was made by you if requested. (If this is not provided when requested you may be disqualified)
    • You may attach an inspiration board with images of what inspired your design.
  • AI art is not allowed in any sense. Using AI art will end up in disqualification.
  • Respect the guidelines and submit your art in time, late entries will not be accepted.
  • The design must be in digital art form, both 2D and 3D (own dummy model) are accepted.
  • Screenshots, photos, traditional media is not accepted. Painting over or tracing such types is not accepted either. Only original art is accepted.  Using premade assets is not accepted.
  • Each player is permitted a single entry per category. Using multiple accounts to enter the event is forbidden. (You cannot post on behalf of another player, even if you create a separate forum account for them, it will count as you trying to enter multiple entries)
  • Do not reply to this topic unless it's to submit an entry or ask a question.
  • Sign your design and add a footnote that says "CelestiaLuna.com". This is required.

  • All entries should show their design on the models given, a drawn/modeled dummy or an edited screenshot of your own character (naked) is also allowed. You do not have to use all the angles, only the ones to show your design best.
  • The final picture must be PNG format.
  • You will be judged on originality, design, style and overall fit into the game. 
  • Most of all try to have fun and do not rush it, poorly executed artwork because of rushing is never good!
How to enter

  • Upload your artwork somewhere safe where it won't be deleted or taken down if it's too big for a forum attachment (2mb maximum) and add your character name to your post.
  • Write which category you are entering for: Both Costume, Male Costume, Female Costume.
  • You can edit your post before the deadline to change your entry as many times as you wish.

  • 1st Place Overall (All entries): $180 PD Budget + 1500 gems 
  • 2nd Place Overall (All entries): $120 PD Budget + 1100 gems.
  • 3rd Place Overall (All entries): $80 PD Budget + 700 gems.
  • [Bonus Prize]
    • Top Design in "Both" Category: $100 PD Budget + 1000 Gems
      • Runner up: $50 PD Budget + 500 gems
    • Top Design in "Male" Category: $80 PD Budget + 800 Gems
      • Runner up: $40 PD budget + 400 gems
    • Top Design in "Female" Category: $80 PD Budget + 800 Gems
      • Runner up: $40 PD budget + 400 gems


Top 10 Players Overall (All entries): Tradeable tights costume or summer costume of your choice + 200 gems

Good luck and have fun!
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Game Character: WanyeKest

Costume Name: God Slayer

Category: Male Costume Only


Here's a costume design that I have made for the contest.

I took screenshots of my character and used his face instead of the model above. Hope that's okay!

I can provide the PSD file should Orange request it.


Thank you! :D 

Celestia Luna Armor Design Contest.png


Game Character: KousakaReina

Costume Name: Alchemist Apprentice

Category: Female Costume Only


Edit: Here's the 3/4 view for Alchemist Apprentice costume. I didn't continue making the back piece as I am pressed for time. I still have other works to do hehe 

Hope you guys like it!



[F] Celestia Luna Armor Design Contest_v02.png

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  • Administrator
4 hours ago, WanyeKest said:

I took screenshots of my character and used his face instead of the model above. Hope that's okay!


Since we already allow own dummy model for anyone who wishes to do a 3d entry we will allow own character model for 2D as well.

Drawing your own model, screenshotting and editing your in game character model (naked) is allowed.

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  • Administrator

Since we had some questions in discord, I want to clarify that using your own character in game is allowed, using existing hairstyles is also allowed. 


Here are 2 example pictures of allowed entries: (second picture uses an elf hairstyle where I painted over the parts I didn't want)



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Game Character: Havelina

Costume Name: WetTime

Category: Male Costume Only


Description of ym costume:


the Head part is a coloured wig, red and some green dye, the body comprises of just shorts (swimwear) and black coloured (to make it simplistic) the gloves and shoes are just transparent, to actually show he is swimming. I joined this costume because i really want a BLack Tights set 3/3 no one trading green tights to black tights market ettcc . Hopefully i can get top 10 at least, i donttf know how to draw or edit and this is my best design since i like simplistic.  i just want to join the costest becaxuse it fun! supporting the Events and community is the best i can do. hopefully other people join too!!! i HOPE I GET THE tights black 3/3 please this my best design i dont know how to draw but i try mtty best 



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Game Character: Anya16

Costume Name: Punk Rock Princess

Category: Female Costume Only


Hi! Here's my entry. My inspiration to this art is my music Idol Avril Lavigne. Hope you like it! Thank yoooou!



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  • Administrator
6 hours ago, Sorcz said:

Game Character: Havelina

Costume Name: WetTime

Category: Male Costume Only


Unfortunately this entry would not be accepted under the terms of effort put into it.

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Character: Fyrvect & dummy model
Costume name: Afternoon Tea Party
Category: Both costume
This costume aims to give the general impression of a semi-formal, yet enchanting costumes that royals would wear to a tea party. For the female, the hair has a long, thick, and slight wave style that is put up in a half up half down hairstyle and is silvery platinum in color. The hairstyle targets the regal feel, meanwhile the icy color targets the enchanting/fantasy feel to the look.  The suit is an off the shoulder, long, and sheer-looking periwinkle dress. It has a long slit on one side which I think will compliment the way dual-wielding female stands. The gloves part consists of a ribbon wrapped around on one side of the lower arm which gives a delicate look. The shoes (flats) are pointy and dark in color to balance out the look.  For the male counterpart, the hair is up on a "man bun" with some pieces of hair hanging out to frame the face. The suit, gauntlet, and shoes have a generally similar vibes--in terms of color theme--as the female one, but the style itself has some 'in a war' feel into it as shown in Yoroi costume as well.


Character: Fyrvect
Costume name: Modern Arc
Category: Female only
In this category, my general inspiration came from what many people would think as "tumblr aesthetic". For this female only category, I planned to make something that you would see some people wearing in their everyday lives (or maybe once in a while) just like what costumes such as Hot Date and Sweet Summernight outfit emulate. So the hair is dark, luscious, wavy, and long with a pair of space buns and two lighter streaks at the front (money piece). The costume suit consists of top and bottom in which the bottom is a skirt with this underlying lace inside along with little spades to add character and the top is an asymmetric one shoulder top to create this modern feel to the look. The "glove costume" is actually an arm piece along with its chain. For the shoes, I paired an off-white leg warmer with a pair of black Mary Jane shoes.

Character: dummy model
Costume name: Fire Raven
Category: Male only
For this category, I was thinking of a design for a male assassin or mercenary where the costume just depicts that they are in a battlefield and are ready to fight (of course, in a CL-style way). My main inspiration for this costume is none other than a Fire Raven so I wanted to illustrate a costume that is dark but there's this warmth coming from the fire and burning ash itself. For the hair, I went with a spiky and piecey style that goes well with the general idea and it's in platinum blond. The suit is long dark with this impression of the hem being burned or scorched along with gold details and black feathers in the shoulder area to mimic raven's feather. In lieu of a traditional gloves, this costume has a tattoo of a singular wing in the inside part of the lower arm (above the wrist).
The shoes are shiny and black to depict metal and each side has a wing to complete the look.


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