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  1. just want to ask

    Welcome to Blue Land~
  2. Costume & Accessory Suggestions

    Ginger Bread Spirit / Reindeer Spirit / Santa Spirit / Gift box / Bells ( on the trinket slot)
  3. Summer Postcard Event!

    IGN: Reel Entry denied: Resized image.
  4. Server down? Look here

    Is the server down? I've been trying to log-in for almost an hour.
  5. Costumes

    Only costumes from the itemmall?
  6. Pinoy Attendance

    Hii hiii
  7. Pinoy Attendance

    Hi hi!
  8. Ask About Tank Job Type

    I think a tank would be more effective if you have STR mix VIT or VIT mix STR Items. Regarding the path, Phalanx-Magnus will have more physical defense compared to RuneKnight-Paladin. But RuneKnight-Paladin has higher block rate than Phalanx-Magnus.
  9. Pinoy Attendance

    Wala na active dito sa forums? Present Reel.
  10. egg pet

    Hi! Haha. Maybe you forgot to feed it? :3
  11. Musket's

    Hoping for that to happen soon. Surely, Sniper's/Panzer's population will greatly increase if muskets can be philoed and their skills will be fixed.
  12. [Fighter] Destroyer Guide ( Colorful )

    I think, Earthquake Lv21 and above is fixed already.
  13. egg pet

    Hmm, sometimes, my pet seals itself. Like for example, I am grinding, my pet will suddenly be off, and I will see it sealed on my bag. But not dead.
  14. egg pet

    Also take note that when you revive your pet, the friendship left (pet's HP) is only 30/100. So you really need to feed them before they die again.