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  1. Yep!! But i recommend using axe for destroyers.. Well they are destroyers so axe would be an awesome fit for a destroyer.
  2. Hidatte

    AR Question

    So what about the gears at lvl 105+ anthony
  3. I havent play the game since 2 years ago i think. So is there any loyal and new players still around? Planning to download the game and start from scratch.. Hahah.. I kinda lost my old account πŸ˜‚ #sorry accidently made two thread. Cant find the delete buttonπŸ€”
  4. Masih ada geng-2 malaysian's still playing ke? Terfikir nak re-download and play celestia luna again if theres any
  5. okay i got my old account password back ! thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Survive pvp? hmm since im not playing anymore 1. try getting all your earing and weapon strength stats to maximum.. for strength 2. find items with trully high evasion per item 3. make sure your necklace and glove set gives alot of critical boost and strength 4. make sure your armor is strength 5. never put a tiny stat in vit 6. destroyer have this one buff that increase evasion, so use it before getting into a pvp fight. Its an anti-rogue build but this build sucks in guild war because : 1. Your slow. 2. You dont have strike 3. You have low hp and low defence so try getting another item either with strength stats, agility or both OR speed to replace the item with evasion. yeah.. thats how you play a destroyer. Just 1 hit everything ! ahahaha.. but you get 1 hit too because of the low defence.. what a dilemma.. atleast players with no strike cant hit you right? while you can still 1-hit K.O them :) Castor Earring and Gemini Earring or that earring that give str stats. i forgot its name sekhmet and hathor), or TINY CRYSTAL STONE)for ring Chivalry, or HB . neclace Wind Band Belt or Dragon slayer belt Your choice.
  7. Hidatte


    have you make sure your connection if fine?
  8. IRC Name: Datte Most used character name : Hidatte Spoken Languages: English, chinese, Malay Age : 19 Time playing Luna Online: 7 years Time playing Celestia Luna: 5 years Have you been a beta tester before ? ( do not include server names ) yes Why do you want to join the Beta Testing Team? As a player of CL i am also a mod tester on several other games and small website games. I am aware of where glitches will or might be found like crafting, quest, itemshop and so on. It is an honor to be a part of a team that contributes to celestia luna. I will also report the outcome to the malaysian community in our chat room about whats new to keep them pump up and continue playing. As many old layers come back, so do i. I suppose.
  9. Hidatte

    Whatsapp Group

    time aku da quit korang main balik
  10. Hidatte

    Whatsapp Group

    Hey guys, im back. Are you searching for friends? are you lost? wheather you are new or old, you are welcomed to our Group. Of course, its full Malaysians only but it is open to all race. Whether you are chinese, malay, indian, Iban, Kadazhan or even a nigerian. You are welcomed. Type in your phone number in this post or just privately message me and i will add you into the group :)
  11. There is already exp bonus in PvP.
  12. Your WiFi modem port plug is not inserted properly
  13. RI -> Holy strike -> blunt shield -> holy earthquake -> RI (pvp) Holy Earthquake -> Holy avenger (pve) ?? (war) i have no idea it has a nice pvp set of skills, and pve but i dont know what to do with this char in war, it obviously have low p.defence and high Int. It uses mace and there isnt many 2handed mace and besides the passive wants you to use 1handed mace so the damage isnt as high as 2handed player like other class. It isnt a paladin, so it will die before getting to the enemy. It has an impressive set of locking skill set and aoe buff though. it obviously wants us to use light armor so negative for defence. It has nice sets of skill and even if it has sonic boom the skill is based on P.A not M.a. I can kinda see this char will have a very high damage output for its single target magical skill. Besides, there isnt a single fighter class player that have a magical defence item on. Also magical type skill doesnt need strike so farewell evasion. Also most mage uses VIT for defence that increase P.D not M.D. So maybe crusader can dealt one or two single blow to the target. I can see why it wants us to use light armor. If the crusader have high dmg output and high defence, it will obviously be opp. The only backfire is that this class only have close range skill. Maybe going crazy like putting evasion + Intelligence in equipment can solve it? :v but most players in war equip their strike. so thats a no Maybe going full defence and +critical items and put a tiny bit on intelligence? Maybe going M.speed + Intelligence? It doesnt have a DOT skill so it must have high intelligence, it has no range skill but it has deadly close range skill, maybe having high magical crit, high intelligence wll solve its problem. The mace already provides you with alot of M.A , its just that puny physical defence and no range skill. Maybe it serve the same purpose as a destroyer but can dealth more dmg? and it doesnt have passive for block, how can it defend? its just like a magnus. Edit : I got it ! maybe being a hybrid of high magical attack and high magical defence is the answer, you will have high dmg against fighter but they dealt high dmg too but mage will have a hard time killing you using their close range skill. But your HP will be low though. Hmm.. T^T~ still thinking Edit : It needs a buff that increases walking speed. it cant have block rate, paladin will be obsulete. well mybe thats it, a high dmg, close range, puny HP, puny defence class that has excellent locking ability and mob killing but 2/10 for war.
  14. The Story Of The Destroyer Hidatte Have Come To a Close.

  15. Hidatte

    Tolong tolong

    12k M.attack tu kurang sngt.. try dapatkan 15k, try lvlling kat garden bukan grave dulu.
  16. When you realize the bugs isnt fix for more than 5 years. And reality is, most of the players already quit. Including me.
  17. mass disconnect always happen in alot of mmo. basically its just lost connection with ur internet. The cl server is strong cause the players online is below 1k. The delay is because of the amount of effect and movement going in the ingame that is so much until your internet doesnt gave the Quota speed to transfer it all.
  18. Hidatte

    Can't enter my ACC's

    If u have played 4years ago than its ok if the old acc is gone, since 4years ago items arent as diverse and strong as the current. Just make a new one.
  19. Hidatte


    I think his saying that he was banned for 2 weeks during november and didnt do anything during this month "december" , and he is asking why was he banned during the month of December since his last act of breaking rule was punished during november and has expired.
  20. In my opinion runningman88 is a great community helper and forum admin should give award medal for membership of something like nickname like old times
  21. Hidatte

    Nice Executive

    Yes it does looks cool
  22. i regret spending my PP buying kingdom cloaks for 3 of my chars during my early times using kingdom cloak for the first time. When i made a 4th character than i realise that it cant be trade lol
  23. HB set reduces Physical defence my friend, if u are into deff than go for chival. Your Critical will be low but its ok, your P.a and p.deff would be fine
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