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  1. After trying to move some items (like a sealed bank/map scroll from my inventory to the bank) after the system message "can't move item", the game client became not responding.
  2. hai kak, saya mw lapor ada bug skill leather armor expertise di job inquire. 1. BUG SKILL saat saya naikkan lvl max skill ini dan mencoba memakai leather armor, saya dapati seluruh equip saya berwarna merah+ tidak ada perubahan stat character saya. solusi nya kak? 2. SHORTCUT HOTKEY seingat saya, dulu tombol enter bisa dipakai sebagai perintah Yes/ok. skg sudah tidak bisa lagi kak?? misal : dulu jual barang- klik kanan- enter (auto YES/OK) : DONE skg jual barang - klik kanan- geser kursor - pilih YES/OK. jujur kak ini sangat merepotkan saat saya harus jual banyak item untuk mengosongkan Tas. TERIMA KASIH kak. semoga bisa memberi solusi kepada saya dan yang lain
  3. Introduction Hello everyone! I've played Luna Online and Celestia Luna for 9 years and I've become a nerdie of this game. Then I began to understand that some skills don't work as it should, and there are others that were bug for years and no one reported that yet. The following reports are based on ingame problems that I confirmed by myself, on reports from other people, on information that I obtained about the game years ago. I m sure there's information that escapes me so everyone is invited to report problems with the skills. You can read this post to understand what kind of problems skills can have. Please if you want to help with your reports be specific and don't say for example "Burning Crash is bug" without specifying why BAD SKILLS [Effect doesn't seem to work properly] Category for bad buff effects Reloading = Should increase your attack speed when using musket but the effect doesn't seem to work. Weapon Synchro = Should increase your attack speed but the effect doesn't seem to work. Berserker = Should increase your attack speed, but the effect doesn't seem to work. Its Evasion Bonus and Physical defense penalty works fine. Elastic Bow = Should increase your bow attack range, but the effect doesn't seem to work. Fast Reload = Should increase your attack speed when using bows, but the effect doesn't seem to work. Telescopic Musket Scope = Should increase your musket attack range but the effect doesn't seem to work Pistol Range (Passive) = Same as telescopic musket scope Acuteness = Should increase the target's attack speed but the effect doesn't seem to work Sword Accuracy(Passive) = Increases accuracy even when not using swords Blood Oath = I think this skill remains in Helm of Pluto and it doesn't work Fatal Force = I'm not sure if this should increase Critical Rate or Damage, but in both cases it doesn't seem to work or its bonus is too low. Staff Training(Passive), Witchcraft(Passive) = Increases magical attack even when not using staves Curse Weakness: Its ALL STAT debuff works fine but none of the other things mentioned in the description happen. The skill just decreases Evasion, Accu or Crit rate due its dex debuff, not because there's an additional debuff as intended in its description. Note for Attack Speed effects: Some of them work only in basic attacks but not in skills. [Scratchy] Category for: Bad effect, Bad damage, Bad description, Redudant, useless. Just scratchy skills Mana Vampirism = You don't see any casting animation when you use it, and the target doesn't have a buff icon when they receives it. But when you give this buff to some player, it works and recovers mp when they kill monsters. Some Problems: You can't give it to yourself, the effect stops working when you move to another map. Anyway, If you consider that its effect works well, then this skill would only need graphic arrangements (animation and icon), get a higher benefit for each level, and its level requirement should increase(all its levels require level 105). Deadly Soul = Damage is low in its 5 levels and the effect doesn't work properly. Some problems of its effect: - The targeted enemy receives the Mana Vampirism buff, meaning they can recover mp when killing someone. The game needs to give them this buff so you recover mp when you kill them, but they become mana vampires as long as they have that buff. - If you kill the enemy using this skill, the enemy doesn't receive the buff and then you don't recover mp. The enemy must survive this skill to get the buff. Additional note: Soul Squeeze uses the same system. Notes for Mana Vampirism, Deadly Soul and Soul Squeeze: - There's no actually a "Mana Vampirism" buff, the game just uses a buff called "Soul Squeeze" for all of them. - I think that they are supposed to steal target's mp for every attack you do, instead of just healing when you kill them. For example, we can assume that Deadly Soul's low damage is actually because it's a skill meant to attack MP instead of HP, but it's currently obsolete. Ice illusion = Magical Skill for Entrappers, does Entrapper need magical damage?. Effects works but in its 5 levels this skill doesn't change much. Considering that it's also a magic skill, learning more than one level is a waste. Fire trap = It only summons a monster that does nothing. However, it dies when is close to other monsters. Sometimes you can see the effect of skill being cast by the trap but it stops very abruptly as if the death of the trap interrupted the casting of the spell. Ice trap = Same as fire trap. From level 2: requires you to select a target to conjure the skill . Corpse Take = After meticulously testing this skill, I found out exactly how it works. Main Effect: All targets when receiving this debuff become "carrion". This means that any player or monster that kills a target with this debuff will be healed based on their own magic damage. You can be the conjurer but anyone else can take the healing benefit. If you're a player under this debuff and you kill someone, you gain hp like a vampire even when you're the debuffed one. I'm not sure if this skill has a greater effect for each lever you learn. Secondary Effect: This skill is flagged as "Attract type", this means that it allows you to lure more monsters beyond the normal limit. For example if you're luring 6 Basilisk and you use this skill, you'll be able to lure beyond of 6. This works like Attract from Fighter but the monster won't follow you after receiving this skill. Note for Corpse Take: I'm not sure whether to consider that there's something wrong with this skill or if it just needs some tweaking. I guess the decision rests with the staff. Corpse Explosion = This skill is even weirder but I finally found out how it works and where the true problem is. Main Effect: When an enemy carrying this debuff dies, it generates an explosion that deals two types of damage to nearby monsters. The first is based on the magic attack of "the attacker" . The second is damage per second. Where is the problem? Monsters that die from this debuff aren't counted as your kill, nor you can't see the damage they take. This occurs because the game considers the target who died as "the attacker" and not you(the conjurer). I reached this conclusion after killing a character from my party who was carrying this debuff and only in that way I saw the damage amount that the nearby monsters received. But I didn't get any exp anyway. If a monster dies by this effect, it will look in the direction of the monster that started the explosion. That simple game mechanic is indicating that the cursed monster is taken as its killer. It's probably because the game cast a new skill using the dying unit as caster. Secondary Effect: Players who receive this buff will become mana vampires for some strange reason, by killing opponents they regain MP similar to when they carry the Mana Vampirism buff. Here's a post with suggestions for some of these [Misc] Category for misc problems. Lollipop Dance = The animation works but no one can see you're dancing Fussing Dance = Doesn't even work at all. Just get the character frozen for seconds. Illusion Attack = Damage calculation works weird(damage seems static). It uses physical damage and you can fail the hit(miss), it can be silenced as Magical Skill. Rune Impact = The opposite case than Illusion Attack. Damage works fine as physical skill and you never get miss, It can be silenced as magical skill. Note for Illusion Attack and Rune Impact: Considering that they're exclusive skills for elvens and that both share the fact that can be silenced ... Either both should be destined for magic attack or the problem here is that RI never fails while Illusion attack does and Rune Impact works well with physical attack when Illusion Attack does not. Bleeding Blow = Panzer gets it (lvl 25). But it's not a skill made for musket. (I once made a suggestion for this) Fast Reload = Sniper gets this self-buff (lvl 4) But effect doesn't work for muskets. I think Snipers should get Reloading (Like panzers) and lvl 4 Dual Wield Training = Blade Taker gets this passive but the effect is only for swords or 1h Weapons. Daggers are not considered as one-handed weapons. Stealth = Blade Takers should reach level 9, but Blade Takers don't even obtain any level of this skill. (Based on how other dagger jobs get Stealth and its levels and the fact that BTs get Sudden Raid) Sword Training = Sword Masters should get it lvl 25 but they don't even obtain any level of this passive. (Based on game logic for Sword training, Axe training, mace training levels and this is a job exclusive for Sword users) Sword Rapidity = Same as Sword Training Sword Accuracy = This is quite odd. Swordmans get 3 levels, Rune Knights get 10 lvls when Magnus 8. Knights and Sword Masters: none . Burning Rage, Lace, Nature Shield, Nature Mind = Crusaders don't obtain these skills. It could be solved by adding it to initial classes (Figther, Rogue, Mage) and adding level restriction. For example: Burning rage lvl 3 requires lvl 105. Divine curse = Should this have more levels beyond level 20? (Based on how its counterpart "Divine Sword" works ) Shrewd Spell (lvl 5) = I think this should requires lvl 115 and not 105. (Based on the logic of its previous levels) Devil's Armor = Since lvl 6, all levels requires 105... Should this be like 105-110-115-120-125? (Based on the logic of its previous levels) Angelic Breath = Bishop, Elemental Master, Inquirer get it lvl 20. But Cardinals, Rune Master and Soul Arbitrer don't even obtain any level of this skill. (Based on how other mages jobs get this skill and its levels) Intensive Mana = Bishops obtain this buff but Cardinals don't. Final Blow = People report this skill doesn't work properly in its damage calculation. Damage seems static. Perforate = Same as Final Blow. Both Here Musket Blast = The casting animation is bugged/ it's very weird Proximity Fire and Musket Proxmity = This skill works properly. But it has a long range considering that the animation is a push using body, the enemy falls back and then a gunshot. It's not plausible when you use this skill from the longest distance. -The Sniper version (Proximity fire) entangle the enemies, I think it should stun them like the panzer version but I'm not sure if it has that effect intentionally. Acuteness, Pinpoint, Kiss of Death, Clouth = These buffs should require lvl 110 when level 4 (Based on the logic of the previous levels) Twinkle Magic = Something like "Devil armor" happens here. After reaching level 6, its level requirement sticks at 105 instead of increasing progressively Cure Poison, Cure Bleeding = Soul Arbitrers and Rune Masters should get it lvl 9 but they don't even obtain these skill. Cardinals get it lvl 10. Its previous stages(Elemental Master, Inquirer) do get these skills. Blizzard = Grandmasters should reach level 25 but they only get 20 levels as Warlocks do(its previous stage) Spirit Sword = is supposed to be a debuff but it deals damage according to your physical damage. I think the enemy can't dodge the attack either . Battle Shout = Same as Spirit Sword but this deals damage according to your magical damage Shield Barrier = Effect works well but since the update of the minimum damage, it makes no sense to increase 1000% your defense if you'll take the same damage from monsters. This should help you for 15 seconds but doesn't help at all when farming. Heal (Fighter) = While Infantryman and Phalanx get this skill (lvl 5 and 10), Paladin doesn't get any. I think Paladin should reach lvl 15, it's supposed to be the next tier of Phalanx. Rune Impact = Rune Knight and Magnus get 20 levels. Considering that Magnus is the advanced tier of Rune Knight, they should get 25 levels instead. REDUNDANT SKILLS This list is for skills whose effects stop updating after a certain level, or their update is very low or they start to work strange. Making learning these skills just a SP wasting. For example. Wind Breaking after level 15 has the same damage per second for all its next levels. Dagger Blow = Fixed damage from lvl 21 (Level 21, 22, 23, 24, 25... = Damage Multiplier 654) Rapid Slashing = Fixed bleeding from lvl 20 (Level 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25... = Bleeding -434). Some people also report this skill start to work weird when level 21+, they described something like staying frozen for a few seconds after casting the skill and it doesn't give the physical defense debuff like its previous levels. Fatal Blast = Loses Magical Defense debuff when level 21 Piercing Arrow = Fixed Bleeding from lvl 20 (Level 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25... = Bleeding -434). Loses Magical Attack debuff when level 21 Wind Breaking = Fixed Bleeding from lvl 15 (Level 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20... = Bleeding -276) Fire Arrow = Fixed fire effect from lvl 21 (Level 21, 22, 23, 24, 25... = Burning -434) Illusion Attack = Fixed damage from lvl 20 (Level 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25... = Damage Multiplier 629) It's another problem besides the one I mentioned above. Double Strike = Fixed effect from lvl 21(Level 21, 22, 23, 24, 25... = Poison -411) Bleeding Blow = Fixed effect from lvl 21 (Level 21, 22, 23, 24, 25... = Bleeding -279) Quick Movement(Buff) = Fixed effect from lvl 6. (Level 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 = 15% mov speed) --------- [Not really a problem]: just skills which is spending a lot of sp for very little differences Blessing Guard(Buff) = Too many SP for low bonuses. It increases 1% physical defense per level. If you learn 10 levels you will spend 165 SP for just 10%. Wind Barrier(Debuff) = Too many SP for low differences between levels. It has two levels, its only difference is 0.5s of effect time. You spend 21-22 sp per level Eagle Eye (Passive) = Too many SP for low bonuses. It increases +1 accuracy per level. 10 levels = 10 accuracy and you will spend 110 SP. Side step(eva bonus) used to be similar to these skills but its bonus was updated. Saint Heal = You don't spend a lot of sp here but its effect is too low anyways. This skill is supposed to be a Self-Heal exclusive for Paladins and its effect is too low, it's even lower than Spirit Aid (Swordman), Heal (Infantryman), Nature Aid (Scout). I consider the problem here is that being an exclusive 105 skill, it's too useless and the effect is below the skills you get at level 40 in jobs that aren't intended to be healers. Maybe this needs an upgrade. Saint Shackle = Something similar to Saint Heal happens here. The damage and debuff effect is too low in its 5 levels. It's an exclusive debuff of 105 but even Battle Shout (from Warrior) has better results than this one. Bad descriptions are hidden because they will add a whole new description system, thanks for helping with this anyway ♥ I spent a couple of hours making this but I love this server and hope this can be fixed soon. I also invit Orange to read this and verify some info I can't verify (without wasting a bunch of SP and Reset Skills)
  4. Hello there! Well... There are some useless skills or skills that I think could be updated. Mana Vampirism: This skill works. You don't see any casting animation when you use it, and the target doesn't have a buff icon when they receives it. But when you give this buff to some player, it works and recovers mp when they kill monsters. Maybe you could solve the graphic problems, also it's not self buff. I like how it works. Corpse Take: It works just like mana vampirism, but in this case the mobs you kill under the effects of this power will give you a heal effect that increases according to your character's int. However, people who receive this debuff will heal hp when they kill monsters or players. The effect is beautiful, but the HP bonus is low (I consider). It could be improved and perhaps become a buff that is intended for players rather than monsters, a self buff for Necromancers. Something like "Vampirism" Corpse Explosion: Unlike the previous one, it does nothing. The effect doesn't work. It could be replaced by some other aoe of fire or another effect, something like a hunter blast / vital explosion but that can be casted from distance. Idk Ice and Fire trap: I don't remember if I ever made a suggestion for this skill. Entrapper has everything but traps. My suggestion is to turn them into something like Hunter blast and smoke. Fire trap could become a skill that is a fusion between "divine hold" (entangle affect) + fire per second, the entrapper would again have a use for boss hunting, because stun doesn't work for they. Ice trap could work with damage and with freezing or speed decreasing effect. I also suggest that these skills should to have an item requirement, something like the Purified Ruby requirement but I suggest create an item called "Trap" and you must craft it with wood and such (for example) Ice illusion: This skill works with magic attack for some strange reason, it doesn't have much use. Illusion attack: I shouldn't put it here because it has use but I think it's bugged and the damage is static. Deadly soul: Damage is low and the effect doesn't work properly Wind barrier: The effect is nice but the SP cost is exaggerated, especially because the effect has no difference between levels. Shield Barrier: It's not useless for pvp, but since the update of the minimum damage, it makes no sense to increase 1000% your defense if you'll take the same damage from monsters. I suggest that it should have a block rate effect to counteract this problem. Blessing Guard: I think it requests too many SP for its low effect, it could also add 1% block rate so that shield users get a greater benefit from this skill I don't remember if there are other "useless" or bugged skills
  5. Hi, I'm a new player and I'm trying to log in to the server, but when i write my ID and my PW in the login page, the game crashes and stop to work. I tried instal VC Redist x64 because my OS is Windows 10, 64 bits. restarted my PC but nothing happens. It still the same. So can anyone help me please?
  6. Hi sir, may you fix panzer? and i am waiting about the next update information of oasis of prasus, sorry for bad english.
  7. Is that possible to access a warehouse just with remote warehouse at shortcut menu without remote warehouse in bag ? note* the shortcut will removed when i moving using TF scroll, as long as i'm not moving to the other map it still there at the shortcut. Is that feautre or bug ?
  8. i had just reached Lv.105 and getting my next job, suddenly my critical stats became like this. http://prntscr.com/e1bxfc i've tried to relogin and restart client but it still had that much :/
  9. Hello All! In the February 2nd 2016 Patch, there was an increase in the magical attack power of all 1h maces. Prior to the patch, the Athena's Mithril Hammer (a rare one handed mace known for it's high magical attack power) had a magical attack power bonus of 118 and a physical attack power bonus of 126 with no enchantments. After the update, a clean Athena's Mithril Hammer should have received a 20% bonus in it's magical attack power. This would make it's new base magical attack power bonus 141. This would place the magical attack power of the rare one handed mace 15 points higher than its physical attack with no enchantments; however, I recently obtained an Athena's Mithril Hammer with a +12 enchantment and I noticed that the physical and magical attack power of the mace are exactly the same number. This is extremely confusing to me, because I was under the impression that the enchantment bonuses to a weapon would scale with items rarity and the base stats of the item before enchantments. If that is true, then the magical attack power of the +12 mace should be a lot higher than it's physical attack after the patch. Is this a bug? Am I missing something? If anyone currently has a clean Athena's Mithril Hammer and can post a picture of it's current magical and physical attack, that would be extremely helpful as it would help to verify that the magical attack power actually increased. It would also help if anyone has a screen shot of a +12 Athena's Mithril Hammers stats before the update, as I do not know what the previous magical attack power of the weapon was at +12 before the update. Thank you all for your time!
  10. Please help, why cant download luna client and patch i've been download luna client from mirror link, and its work, but when i install it, it doesnt patching ><
  11. My other character is in Howling Ravine at the spot of Rageful Cyclops suddenly it crashed ... When i try to log it that character its totally black but the music plays .. about 4 sec it crashed "not responding".. when i try my other character thats on other maps its working... please help..
  12. i have something to ask, my BT took 1 level of back break but its damage output is weirdly small @_@ is it bugged, or what? here's the comparison: (it's all crit, i tried this on frost master nera harbor) normal hit 2.6-3.1k shield boomerang (Lv1) around 10k (256 damage in game skill tooltip) rage step (Lv1) around 6k (108 damage in game skill tooltip) back break (Lv1) 1.8-2k (twice=3.6-4k[?] it seems damaging twice to me) (no damage description in game skill tooltip - 800 damage description in luna skill calculator Orz) despite the fact that back break has 800 damage description (in luna skill calculator, tho), why it only produces such weak damage output?? i really felt stupid for wasting 11 SP on such skill here *sob* i know that we shouldn't really on luna skill calculator that much (i've read this some where, about its being only suitable for luna beta or luna plus yet celestia is still luna alpha).. but WHY, just WHY T_T if you guys need the screenshots, just tell me and i'll upload it. thanks. best regards, lovelyfresco
  13. first, hello there and here's my (short) story i've just downloaded and installed celestia luna last nite, like about 13 hours ago.. then i played it (of course), excited, but then... when i clicked 'trading' option on merchant(?) npc, this thing (crash) happened ALMOST ALL the time, not only with tasartia npc, but also the armor, weapon, bla bla npc even on the merchant npc in gate of alker map. are these bugs? or...? i dont know, that's why i'm humbly asking you guys here.. second, i'd like to inform you few things: my pc's spec: intel g620 2.6ghz dual core ram 4GB ati radeon hd 3650 display mode set to 1366x768 with 60hz fresh rate directX version: 11 all my drivers are updated i have no anti virus installed, but no i have neither virus nor malware in my computer, i can guarantee you that. i've disabled my uac from the moment i bought my pc my os: win 7 enterprise sp 1 32bit things i've tried: i've re-installed the client (once) with no other application/software running at all. played it in fullscreen, windowed mode, all resolution except the 1280x1024 (its heigth exceed my display's height so no). no sound, minimize/disable all things in video option. turning on DEP just like GM seraphyre told someone in here http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/21809-crashed-in-game-and-cl-stopped-working/#entry239635 but WHY is this still happen? it stressed me out.. please.. help me out.. and thank you so much for your attention and i'm really sorry if there has been a thread with same topic and it's been solved, but i did my research in the forum but i can find no thread on this topic.. here's the screenshots window mode: fullscreen mode
  14. hi there let's keep it short: why the mobs acting passive in the 81-100 DD?? they're always acting like stupid; can't decide whether to atttack or not to attack, just walking forward and backward and it's frustating, it's very hard to gather 'em.. i know it is very rude to ask you guys to fix this, as if you guys don't have enough things to do, but, as DD has such important role in luna, i humbly ask to at least take a notice on this issue.. best regards to the celestia luna team, lovelyfresco ps: here's the screenshots
  15. I have a problem with the game. When I open it and select the server and try to connect, it does nothing at all. It just displays the background. It doesn't freeze, though. After a while, it just closes down.
  16. badlongon619

    Status Bug.

    i Discovered this bug this day around 4am (PH time). 1st screenshot, 1st notice, but not sure about how I got it, 2nd i did it again and again and again to continue increase my Dex, but something wrong, evasion and strike is decreasing. I tried to reconnect, everything is back to normal. 3rd screenshot - I did it again, I'm sure some of player already found and using this. and it's unfair.... I will just let GM find out how I got this SUPER DUPER IMBA status, please don't ban my account. :)
  17. Ive downloaded the new version and its up to date but i dont get to the login screen for the game. it just sits there. I can select a server but then it doesnt do anything after that. Does any one else have this issue? what did you do to fix it? this is one of my fave games to play so i would really like to get it back :D thanks
  18. Can someone help me with this? I just downloanded Luna and when i open it, it gives me "unable to get update 08 -2.luna" error at the bottom? Please help :c
  19. My Char Fishing get down Lv -_- i dont know, why it could happen. => Screen Shot 1,before up to lv 2 = http://s1330.photobucket.com/user/sahate/media/Luna_01_130415_035321_001_zps39457e8b.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2 => Screen Shot 2,after up to lv 2 = http://s1330.photobucket.com/user/sahate/media/Luna_01_130415_035649_001_zps108e2344.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 => Screen Shot 3,return to lv 1 = http://s1330.photobucket.com/user/sahate/media/Luna_01_130415_041717_001_zps0995c501.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  20. nilo0103

    Bug T.T

    I cant Teleport , :(( fix it ? :blink: :blink: :blink: SS : http://postimg.org/image/qnrs0hph3/ Same in www.celestialuna.com , i cant teleport If i open my account , save in alker harbor
  21. I need help. I entered the Harbor then it lags.. I closed the window and restart it. Whenever i try to log in my account It can enter up to the "character selection" window. when i click it to enter the game IT DOESNT ENTER anymore. i tried to make another account and new character and entered the harbor and it happens again. Please help!
  22. Well I just thought about gathering this under-loved Musket wielding jobs together and put all of their existing issues into one basket for future reference. Hope it helps for when the bugs get fixed :) Panzer: 1. Still not sure if this is bug or not but Panzer's range is much shorter than Sniper. 2. No Musket skill icons, the closest thing to an icon is a flower picture used for Panzer's Iron Night. This includes all Musket Passives. 3. Musket Training > No damage increase. This hurts Panzer's damage output by a lot. Sniper: 1. Musket Range > Or Pistol Range doesn't actually increase attack range. 2. Musket Training > Like Panzer, Sniper's Musket Training does not increase attack damage, though Sniper doesn't suffer as much as Panzer does because of higher critical rate. 3. No Musket Skill icons: Same with Panzer none of Sniper's Musket skills have proper icons. 4. Telescopic Musket Scope > Range increasing buff, but once again it does not affect Sniper's attack range. 5. Fast Reload > While it was provided to help with Sniper's casting speed it can only be cast when the Sniper is holding a bow instead of Musket. If there are other bugs my apologies for not including them. My Guides on Sniper and Panzer include the actual icons, I wonder if that helps?
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